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Radiation-Resistant Rice, Square Watermelons And Blue Roses: Top Five Weird Foods


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23 Aug 2011 | Danielle Demetriou

If scientists are successful in their mission to uncover a strain of rice resistant to the absorption of radiation, the white grain will join a string of more unusual food creations which have been harvested in the past for specific purposes:  

1) Square watermelons

Farmers in Japan's south-west Shikoku came up with the inventive creation of the square watermelon - to enable the fruits to be stacked easily in boxes and supermarkets. How they did this? Simply by growing the fruits in square shaped receptacles so they assumed a cubic form when ripe.

2) Blue roses

Long the holy grail of inventive gardeners – and a symbol of what was once regarded the impossible – blue roses have also been created after decades of research. First unveiled by an Australian subsidiary of the Japanese Suntory firm, the blooms were implanted with a gene which stimulates the synthesis of blue pigment in pansies.

3) Super Broccoli

British scientists last year cultivated a special strain of broccoli which contains twice the levels of the superfood nutrient "glucoraphanin" than conventional versions. It is claimed that the new strain of supercharged broccoli will help stave off cancer and other diseases.

4) Graisins

Scientists at Japan's National Institute for Genetics were behind the creation of the oddly named "graisin" - which refers to a giant-sized raison programmed to grow significantly larger than its conventional size while tasting the same as its diminutive original.

5) Drought rice

The task of cultivating non-GM drought-resistant rice has long been the focal point for Japanese researchers. The goal of the research is to create drought-resistance rice suitable for planting in Africa and other regions with dry climates.




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