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Qlink Pendant

Effects of QLink Pendant on the Blood

and Biological Terrain

Note: Watch an indepedent TV News report of a similar study here

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc. Microbiologist
Alpine, Utah

"My study on live and dried blood cells involved 14 individuals. In 100% of the test group, the QLink Pendant demonstrated the ability to provide a favorable context for normal organization of blood cells which were visually showing multiple negative conditions. I perceive these negative conditions are attributable to years of stressful lifestyles.

"After wearing the QLink Pendant for only 72 hours, each participant showed a significant improvement in the quality of their blood.

"The blood of the test group wearing the QLink Pendant showed a visual, normal blood profile that I see in only 1 out of every 10,000 people. In my opinion, any person whose blood is improved to this degree will significantly improve their performance and quality of life."

Before and after Micrographs of 3 subjects

Before and after Micrographs of 3 subjects

On the left: Baseline Micrographs before wearing the QLink.

On the right: Micrographs after wearing the QLink for 72 hours.

Note that the red blood cells appear to be more round and symmetrical —

which is the normal healthy profile.

Subject 1
Before QLink


Subject 1
After QLink


Subject 2
Before QLink


Subject 2
After QLink


Subject 3
Before QLink

Subject 3
After QLink

Summary of Study on the Effects of Disturbing Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (10 Hz to 100 Hz) at the Cellular Level and a Potential Mediating Device

A two part study was conducted by Dr Robert Young, PhD, DSc, Microbiologist, to investigate the disturbing effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields (low EMF) on the human cell and to validate the potential of the QLink Pendant to act as a device for maintaining the integrity or normal organization of the human cell in the presence of low EMF.


Dr Young postulates that one of the contributing factors of high levels of cellular disorganization is exposure to extended periods of low EMF. A state of cellular disorganization, or dis-ease state, is reflected as changes in certain aspects of blood composition and blood clotting ability. These changes can easily be revealed using video-enhanced optical microscopy and video micrographs. In the past, blood chemistry has been the primary mode of diagnosis or analysis for the presence of pathology or cellular disorganization. Dr Young's research has pioneered the use of video-enhanced microscopy as an alternative method of analysis. Through the use of video micrographs (see examples above), blood can be tested for cellular disorganization.

Research Protocol

The study was conducted in two consecutive parts with 12 individual case studies in total. The first part (Part I) consisted of a sample group of four participants. The second part (Part II) consisted of eight participants. All micrographs were taken using the same blood procedure for each condition.

Part I: Micrographs from three conditions were taken: Baseline Micrographs before exposure to EMF, Micrographs after exposure to 8 hours of low EMF, and Micrographs after wearing QLink for 72 hours while exposed to low EMF.

Part II: Micrographs from only two conditions were taken: Baseline Micrographs before wearing the QLink and Micrographs after wearing QLink for 72 hours. No additional exposure to low EMF was conducted. (Micrographs of 3 subjects depicted above)


Two blood microscopy tests were used to demonstrate the disturbing effects of low EMF on the human cell and the efficacy of the QLink Pendant. These are the "Unchanged Blood Test" (UBT) and the "Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test" (MOST).

The unstained blood is studied in the UBT. From the UBT micrographs, the disorganization and organization of matter present in the blood plasma such as red blood cells, white blood cells, bacteria, yeast, mold, acid crystals, etc., can be seen.

The coagulation of blood is studied in the Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test. States of imbalance are reflected by changes in blood composition and clotting ability . When blood is allowed to clot, the pattern seen is essentially the same in healthy subjects. However, blood containing abnormal artifacts will distort the normal pattern. The blood of a subject under mycotic oxidative stress will exhibit a variety of characteristic patterns that deviate from the normal pattern. These patterns have one striking abnormality in common — the presence of "clear" or white areas where the fibrin net/red blood cell conglomerate is absent.

Using these techniques and protocols developed by Dr Young, the integrity or organization of the blood of each test subject is studied via micrographs.


The following conclusions were drawn from the study by Dr Young.

Part I: Significant impact on the morphology of the red and white blood cells and the red blood cell conglomerate was seen when exposed to disturbing low EMF. These disturbing frequencies of 10 Hz to 100 Hz were mediated in all four participants while wearing the QLink. After 72 hours, the red blood cells appeared to be more round and symmetrical which is the normal healthy profile. There was a significant notable improvement in the morphology of the live and coagulated blood of all four participants when wearing a QLink pendant. It is hypothesized that the improvement in the morphology of the blood is a direct result of the QLink pendant mediating incoming disturbing low EMF. The QLink achieves this by maintaining the integrity of the energy fields that surround each individual blood cell. In addition, 4 out of 4 participants experienced a significant increase in energy and/or health.

Part II: The results showed normal and/or significant improved morphology in all 8 participants. This demonstrates the efficacy of the QLink pendant in mediating low EMF, and therefore, maintaining the energy fields of the live and coagulated blood, irrespective of any lifestyle changes.

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