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   DECC Confirms Talks With Dept Of Health Over Smart Meter Risks Part 2

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The World Health Organization states that EMFs are not harmful if they remain within strict frequency boundaries set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

However, an investigation conducted by researchers in the USA, where smart meters have been used since 2006, warns emissions can exceed safety limits.

But a report from, California-based Sage Environmental Consulting, reveals that the constant presence of a smart meter could lead to prolonged exposure to potentially harmful RFs.

The Sage report says: "Significant unanswered questions still exist about what levels of radio-frequency microwave radiation will be produced by these [smart] meters.

"Smart meters can produce excessively elevated RF exposures, depending on where they are installed.

"With respect to absolute RF exposure levels predicted for occupied space within dwellings, or outside areas like patios, gardens and walk-ways, RF levels are predicted to be substantially elevated within a few feet to within a few tens of feet from the meter(s).

"The rollout of millions of new RF sources (smart meters) will mean far greater general population exposures, and potential health consequences."

The paper explains that people are already increasingly exposed to radiofrequency radiation at home through the use of numerous wireless devices.

These include mobile and cordless telephones, Blackberry and iPhones, broadband, baby monitors and home security systems.

The report concludes that neither the authorities, nor the utility providers nor the consumer "know what portion of the allowable public safety limit is already being used up or pre-empted by RF from other sources already present in the particular location a smart meter may be installed and operated."

The DECC states that the issue was noted in an impact assessment which was published alongside the department's 'Smart Meters Prospectus' last July.

A DECC spokesman said: "We will keep under review any evidence related to the effects of radiofrequency signals on the health of individuals.

"Smart meters can pave the way for a transformation in the way energy is supplied and used. They will provide consumers with real-time information about energy use, enabling them to monitor and manage their use.

"Consumers will receive accurate bills. Switching between suppliers will be smoother and faster and improvements in the delivery of energy efficiency advice will be supported.

"Decisions on the communications requirements for smart meters have not yet been made and a communications technology solution has not yet been selected.

"Part of the work of the Smart Meter Implementation Programme, which is being taken forward by DECC and Ofgem, will be to develop detailed plans in relation to smart meter communications requirements, whether in the home or outside.

"This work will consider the range of issues relating to smart meter communications and the different technology solutions, including concerns expressed by some people about electromagnetic fields and electrical sensitivity.

"We will continue to discuss the issues raised with the Department of Health, Health Protection Agency and other relevant organisations as our work on smart metering progresses.

"We are currently examining the responses to the recent consultation on the roll out of smart meters, and we will publish the Government’s response along with the plans for the roll out later this year."

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