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BGE to Install Smart Meters. Not Everyone is Happy About it


Smart Meters Radiation Danger

Smart Meters Radiation Protection

April 4, 2012 

Baltimore Gas and Electric  (BGE) plans on installing “smart meters” on homes and businesses in South County in August of this year. Rhea Lewis of BGE said that the installation of the meters would be complete by January of 2013.

The meters will replace conventional meters for all BGE customers.

The meters will operate on a radio frequency, similar to cordless phones, garage door openers and baby monitors. Lewis said that the meters will operate for less than two minutes a day in total.

The meters will allow BGE to pinpoint outages. For customers, BGE said that the meters will identify energy consumption in detail. They will allow customers to track usage and provide smart energy pricing programs. The meters do not allow BGE to control energy usage, they simply track what has been used.

When BGE installs the meters, electric service will be interrupted for several minutes while the meters are switched.

There are strong opponents to the installation of the meters. An online group, “Maryland Smart Meter Awareness ” says the new smart meters may: cost consumers more in the long run because because the depreciation life of the devices could be shorter than the projected lifespan of 15 years cause health concerns cause interference with other home appliances that use radio frequencies similar to the smart meters be a potential fire danger have a negative impact on the environment BGE said that there have been a number of studies that show smart meter Radio Frequency presents no health risks. Lewis sited studies including the California Council on Science and Technology  study in 2011 that smart meters result in less exposure than microwaves and far less than cellphones. She also pointed to an Edison Electric Institute  white paper that found that smart meters operate below Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  exposure limits.

The Maryland Public Service Commission  will be looking into the issue at its May 2 meeting at 10 a.m. in the William Donald Schaefer Tower in Baltimore.

Specifically, PSC will be looking at BGE’s formula for calculating the charge for electric use between the time the conventional meter is disconnected and the Smart meter comes online.

The PSC has suggested in staff correspondence that the language “may not provide enough detail to explain the calculation for customers.”

The documents further show that the PSC wants BGE to indicate on bills where usage values that have been estimated.

At this time, it is unclear if consumers will have the ability to opt out of having a smart meter installed. BGE answers this question online  by touting the smart meter’s benefits:

To make sure that every meter is compatible with system-wide enhancements and to provide every customer with the advantages of these new technologies, BGE plans to replace all meters in its service area over the next few years. We are also engaging the Public Service Commission and other statewide utilities in a meaningful dialogue on this issue, with particular emphasis on the public policy implications.

Installation for all BGE smart meters will take about three years. Once the meters come online, meter readers will no longer be necessary.

BGE’s Lewis said that there are more that 27 million smart meters installed across the country to date, including meters installed by other utilities in Delaware, Maryland and Washington D.C.


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