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Why a Air tube Head set is Safer Than

Wireless Headsets

Cellular radiation fields are everywhere around us because there are mini microwaves of radiation coming from the cell phones we use everyday and these radiation waves are being allowed to transmit signals so close to our brains.  Before cell phones were used, people were never exposed to electromagnetic fields so close to the brain.  Additional exposure threats are present each time we drive a car and are very prevalent in the areas where our homes are built.   

These exposure threats to electromagnetic radiation come from the AM/FM antennae receivers that are posted on our automobiles, and they are emitted from cell phones used inside the car too.  Cell phone towers and cell masts are erected throughout our neighborhoods and areas of business.  We are exposed to electromagnetic radiation fields inside the home when microwave ovens are in use, and everywhere else, when we venture outside of the home.  While these pulses of electromagnetic radiation are small, seem insignificant to some, the opportunities for repeated exposures are numerous, and do provide radiation signals that are constant enough to pose health risks.   

British Consumer Research magazine showed that using a wireless headset that is the type issued with all cell phones can attract more than 3.5 times more radiation directly to the inside of the brain.  This research magazine compares these figures to 500 minutes of mobile phone use per month.  With this type of cell phone use, which is on most cell phone plans the bare minimum used each month, people are increasing the chances of getting a acoustic neuroma by fifty percent.  This medical affliction is a tumor of the inner eardrum, which leads to the brain.  As more cell phone minutes are used, the chances for tumor growth increase. 

People can protect themselves from exposure to electromagnetic fields during cell phone use by equipping their cell phones with an airtube headset.  This hearing device is equipped with a special stethoscope styled blue tubing, which conducts sound waves instead of electrical waves.  This hearing device will protect users with up to a 98 percent reduction in the amount of electromagnetic fields you are exposed to each day that is generated by repeated cell phone use.  The long blue tubing used on the airtube headset also allows users the chance to move the cell phone away from their head and body while they use it.  The airtube headset will allow users to place it on the car seat beside them while leaving their hands free to drive. 

The airtube headset is a good investment on the future health of all family members.  This device will reduce the introduction of electromagnetic fields to the brain and surrounding areas by 50 percent for any person that uses it while talking on a cell phone.  Regular cell phone headsets offer no protection from the electromagnetic fields of radiation produced by cell phones.  The airtube headset is a safe, relatively stylish, and very useful piece of cell phone gear that will protect cell phone users from the dangers emitted from electromagnetic radiation produced by cell phones.



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