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Everyone We reside in an arena of matter, which we experience as solid, and a sector of forces, which act upon these solid things. But quantum physics is clear that what we call solid matter is made of oscillating matter wave packets, and what we call forces are made of oscillating energy wave packets. In fact, everything is made of oscillating wave packets of one kind of another. Scientists have long puzzled over force field phenomena that don't fit the 4 known forces : electromagnetic, gravity, weak and powerful forces.

These force field that don't fall into the classical 4 are sometimes labeled "subtle energies." they are called "subtle" because they can't be noted or measured by any known instrumentation. Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus of Stanford School , has spent decades studying sophisticated energy phenomena. He accepts sophisticated energies as real, and as providing explanatory power for scientifically documented phenomena that can't be explained by the 4 known forces. Much of these documented phenomena describe the particular influence that refined energies have on classical electric fields. Electric fields are made from 2 basic kinds of energy wave packets : electrons and photons.

Dr. Tiller claims a serious relationship exists between refined energies and electro-magnetic fields. Proof points towards a robust relationship.

Proof also reveals that, if delicate energies can be acted on in particular strategies, they can yield categorical ends up in electric phenomena - maybe acting immediately on the wave packet states. According to Dr. Tiller, this action may happen thru the magnetic vector potentials.



"Revolutionary New Technologies
Protect You from the Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Radiation,

Computers, Bluetooth Headsets, Microwave Ovens,

Cordless Phones, and other Wireless Technologies."

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