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  Man-Made Electromagnetic Fields Are Toxic To The Human Body

Home Radiation Protection

Mobile Phone Radiation Shield

Cell Phone Antenna Radiation

 All abnormal, man-made electromagnetic fields, regardless of their frequencies, produce the same biological effects. Some of them are:

Effects on growing cells, such as increases in the rate of cancer-cell division.

Increases in the incidence of certain cancers.

Developmental abnormalities in embryos.

Alterations in neurochemicals, resulting in behavioral abnormalities such as suicide
Alterations in biological cycles.

Stress responses in exposed animals that, if prolonged, lead to declines in immune-system efficiency.

Alterations in learning ability

These bioeffects interact to weaken the health status of a human being who is chronically exposed to any abnormal field. The stress effect results in many stress-related diseases. If prolonged, this weakens the immune system, resulting in more inflammatory disease and cancer. The simultaneous effect of enhanced cancer-cell growth and the increase in the malignant changes of these cells leads to more cancer with faster-than normal rates of growth, especially in tissues with continuous rates of cell division.

The effect of field exposure on the human fetus is particularly important. Exposure to electromagnetic fields will result in the combined alterations of the speed and timing of fetal cell division, impairment of the genetic apparatus of dividing fetal cells, and the production of chromosomal abnormalities in the germ cells of the parents, all contribute to imbalance of normal development. Research has found a mechanism by which a very weak electrical signal can trigger a series of reactions that promote cancer by leading to unregulated cell growth.

The cell membrane has a huge electrical gradient across it. A very, very weak signal at some point along the membrane can trigger a tremendous increase in the amount of energy released at the surface of the cell, he says. The result could be a disruption in communication within and between cells causing them to begin growing out of control. This means that EMFs so weak that they were long believed not to have any physiological significance undoubtedly can influence the behavior of cells through this amplification of energy mechanism.

The cell membranes can detect a signal so weak that it would compare to your taking a 1.5 volt flashlight battery, putting a wire from one end of it in the Pacific Ocean at San Diego and putting a wire from the other end in Puget Sound to make a circuit including the ocean. Over that 1,200 mile wire, you'd get about one ten-millionth of a volt per centimeter. This is a very powerful mechanism for amplifying energy at the cell level. Exposure of human T-cell lymphocytes in culture to a low-strength 60-Hz electric field for forty-eight hours significantly reduces their cytotoxic ability against foreign cells.

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