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Mobile Phones Harm Body Cells and Damage DNA & Protection

The measures outlined so far will go some way to reduce the harmful effects of EMR on your health. However, often they are not enough. There is a simple way to check if your home and workplace are sufficiently safe. You can do this by measuring the electricity that is absorbed by your body. For this you need a digital voltmeter or multimeter, which is able to read millivolts. This is reasonably cheap to buy or a friend may lend you one.

Then you get some insulated electric wire that is long enough to reach from most rooms to the ground outside and attach an alligator clip to each end. Finally you need a ground stake or earth spike, a copper pipe is good, which you drive into the ground in moist soil. One end of the wire is clipped to a clamp at the top of the ground stake and the other to the black probe of the voltmeter. It is not good enough to attach the earth wire to a water pipe or to the main electricity ground stake of the house as they may carry high voltages.

To close the circuit you just need to hold the metal end of the red probe firmly in one hand. However, it is more convenient to hold a piece of copper pipe, which is connected through a clipped or soldered insulated wire to the red probe. Now you set the dial to 2 AC Volt. If it shows less than 200 mV that is good and you can switch the meter to the 200 mV setting. Preferably the reading should be below 100 mV in commonly used rooms but if you lie down on your bed it should read below 10 mV.

In reality the readings will be much higher and you may get between 2 and 50 V while lying on your bed. This is a constant drain on your vitality. By moving the bed away from any electrical wiring you may perhaps get it to read between 500 mV and 2 V. A relatively easy way of reducing the voltage a lot further is by using an earthed electric blanket.

The easiest way is to use an old or second-hand electric blanket and cut off the plug. Then you can easily solder or clip an earth wire onto all three-wire strands. If you want to keep using it for heating as well, then you may attach a plug to the earth wire. Lying on a well-earthed electric blanket may bring the body voltage down to read one quarter to one tenth of the previous measurement.

If the bed has a steel frame or innerspring mattress then these may also need to be earthed. Commonly all springs are internally connected and need to be earthed only at one point but some mattresses have individual springs which would need to be earthed individually. However, steel frames and innerspring mattresses still may deflect the compass needle when moved across the bed and that is not good either. The needle should continue pointing north everywhere over the bed. Metal beams in the wall or ceiling may cause the same problem and the bed should be moved far enough away from magnetic field disturbances.

In addition earth any metal parts, such as window frames, metal wall cladding or roofing iron that show an unacceptably high reading when touched with one hand while holding the earthed probe in the other. This is especially the case if there are high-voltage power-lines, microwave towers or transformers nearby or powerlines that form a right angle as at street corners.

Occasionally there may be so much ground electricity that it shows a higher reading when lying on an earthed electric blanket than without an earth connection. In this case move the earth stake as far away as possible from any power sources that may cause this problem and find or create a good earthing behind the house where you can reach moist soil with a long ground stake. With a short ground stake try to keep the soil around it moist at all times. It is also possible to get a good earth by connecting the wire to a moist part of a tree or large outside plant.

To get a true reading on a concrete floor or when outside the house you should be insulated by wearing shoes, otherwise the reading will be much too low.

For sanitising an apartment of office in a large building where you cannot get a good earth you may just try if an earth connection to the water pipe is sufficient or get expert help. An upper floor of a building commonly has much higher voltages than the ground floor, as there may be wiring in the floor as well as in the ceiling. In this case you may be able to reduce the EMR considerably by placing earthed wire netting under the carpet. If this is not possible with the entire floor, then perhaps just earth a smaller area where you are usually sitting.

In other cases it may be advisable to shield and earth the wiring inside a wall. This is much more difficult as wall panels need to be removed but it may be relatively easy under the roof or if the wiring is under the house. You may simply wrap electric cables with earthed wire netting or aluminium foil or nail metal strips over them.

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