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   Computer Radiation Dangers, Cordless Phone Negative EMF Effects

Computer Radiation Protection

Cordless Phones Brain Tumors

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We’ll examine the EMF radiation from different types of desktop and laptop computers, what that means for your health, and the SafeSpace products that can protect you while you work, surf and socialize online.
What is Computer Radiation & Where Does it Come From?

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screen radiation - If your desktop monitor (or TV) is a few years old and has a deep cabinet, chances are it’s a CRT. CRTs are by far the most dangerous type of screen.

* Few desktop computers are made with CRT screens anymore (though some video gamers still prefer them).
* The images produced by CRT screens involve a number of processes, including the front of the tube being scanned downward in a pattern of lines, electron beams “sweeping” an image across the screen by modulating their intensity, a coil generating magnetic field and more.

The Health Dangers of CRTs

* Small amounts of radiation (x-ray frequencies and others) are emitted as the electrons sweep the screen.
* At close range, this radiation (literally pulsating fields of energy) puts biological stress on humans, animals and plants.
* CRTs also operate at an extremely high voltage, which continues on long after the computer has been turned off.

LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display) Screens Radiation - these screens are flatter, often appearing as panels. LCD screens are safer than CRTs.

* Display is composed of color or monochrome pixels that are filled with liquid crystals.
* Liquid crystals are lit by a backlight or reflector.
* LCD screens utilize very small amounts of electric power.

Computer Radiation & Screens - The Health Dangers of LCD Monitors

* Laptops and desktop computers with LCD screens are significantly safer than CRT screens, but they still emit low levels of radiation—enough to harm your health.
* It’s more than the screen: all TV sets and computers, no matter what the technology, radiate a relatively strong EMF consisting of 50Hz – 60 Hz and higher.

Computer EMFs and the Radiation Dangers To Your Health

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) don’t only come from your computer screen. The electronics inside your computer generate a powerful EMF.

* Studies have shown EMF exposure above 2 milligauss (mG) begins to harm biological organisms.
* Prolonged exposure to higher levels, from 2 mG and above, has been associated with cancer and immune system effects.
* At 3 feet away, computers typically measure frommeasure 2mGfrom 2mG to 5 mG.
* At 4 inches and closer, computers measured from 4mG all the way to 20 mG.

EMF Exposure: The Early Signs
People are spending more and more time in front of computer screens. Early signs of overexposure to EMFs include muscle aches, insomnia, stress,stress and fatigue.

Radiation Exposure: Aging
Radiation exposure at these levels can result in skin “burns,” dry, wrinkled skin and what is known as “photo aging.”

Electromagnetic Field Exposure Over Time…
Countless epidemiological studies, from The British Medical Journal to the World Health Organization (WHO) to the California Department of Health, have linked EMFs to lymphoma, leukemia, autoimmune system deficiencies, birth defects, tumors, insomnia, heart problems and more.

Negative Effects of Computer Radiation - Laptops

Close proximity of EMFs - It’s been shown that EMF strength decreases with distance. The fact that the laptop is often situated right next to your body means you’re receiving your computer’s radiation at its fullest strength.

Laptop Radiation & Male Infertility - the use of laptops (especially when situated on the lap near the reproductive organs) has been connected to male infertility. (Journal of Human Reproduction). Theories why include the heat from the machine itself on the scrotum, or radiation from the EMF at such a close distance.

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