Hydrogen Car Kit for Midsize 6 to 8 cylinder engines

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Hydrogen Car Kit for Midsize 6 to 8 cylinder engines

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Midsize Cars Kit with MAP Enhancer and Install Kit

     Our two jar system is offered with several advantages.

     First, having a second jar is a good way to increase HHO production, but even better is they can be wired together in what's called 'series' so each jar uses only 6 volts.

     Electrolysis only requires between 2 and 3 volts to occur. The 12 volt system of your vehicle is much more than required, and the extra voltage can easily become wasted and turn into unwanted heat.

     The two jars will run cooler and last longer between maintenance periods. Also, this package comes with our MAP Enhancer. This is a nice extra that allows you to work with engine sensors to help the vehicle's computer understand that less fuel is Ok.

     We highly recommend this dual jar system that ships with our clean running electrolyte!

This System Includes

     2 HHO cells, also called HHO generators: this is the key component that improves your car's MPG and reduces your vehicle's emissions.

     A Dual Edge MAP Enhancer allowing you to modify the signal on the MAP sensor, some MAF sensors, as well as some temperature sensors.

     Connecting parts and harness which includes everything you need to install your HHO cells: Vacuum hoses, 14 gauge red electric and black electric wire, bridge wire to connect the 2 cells together, 1 vacuum tee, 1 quick splicer connector, 1 10 AMP fuse holder with fuse, nylon quick ties.

    We provide you with the Classic Mason Jar design. This is the unit that started the huge Hydrogen on Demand movement.

    Also, we ship our units with a clear running, potassium based electrolyte.

    No more muddy water! Our potassium based electrolyte gives you the clean running performance much longer than the usual baking soda, and it's very safe, especially when diluted with the distilled water.

Kit Includes

2 Wide Mouth Jar with a Pre-Drilled Plastic Cap

Fully Glued and Notched Tower Assembly

Dual Edge MAP Enhancer

14 gauge red electric and black electric wire

Bridge wire to connect the 2 cells together

1 vacuum tee, 1 quick splicer connector

1 10 AMP fuse holder with fuse

nylon quick ties.

Two Ready to Install Twisted Wire Electrodes

Bubbler Assembly ready to Connect

Stainless Steel Terminals and Hardware

Vacuum Assembly including Check Valves

Wiring Harness Crimped and Ready to Install

Split Flex Tubing for a Professional Look

Vacuum Install Kit with Convenient Connectors

Double Mounting Straps

Data Sheets for Assembly and Installation

Supply of the Baking Soda Catalyst

About This Product

The first kit we manufactured took two weeks to acquire all the parts, and then cost over $200.00 after paying retail prices and shipping costs. This kit takes much of the time and energy out of rounding up the parts needed from independent suppliers.

These parts are ready to use to build and install your own HHO generator. The unit immediately reduces gasoline emissions and increases power. You still need gasoline to run the engine. And yes, adding more units to the system increases your HHO production and increases your savings. Many users report a minimum of a 20% savings.

The stainless steel electrodes use electricity from your vehicle to 'split' the water molecules into their basic elemental form of (H)ydrogen and

(O)xygen. These natural elements (already present in gasoline and diesel) burn so fast and so hot, they are able to help COMPLETE the combustion process of the vehicles' fuel. This more complete combustion means more power, lower emissions, and the need for less fuel.

As you consider this system and educate yourself on HHO, recognize we also offer many advanced versions of this kit with more of the preparation work done for you. And, if you are interested in adding more to this system, don't worry. All our products are compatible and have an easy upgrade path.

Learning This Technology

We encourage you to purchase the full plan e-book. However, most people install this using common sense and the Data Sheets included with every order.

The founder has six units installed on his Toyota Corolla, and is getting close to 70 miles to the gallon. Along with him, many of our staff and supporters are benefitting from and enjoying their installations.

Get involved today and see how many people are making a difference using this simple technology. We are still at the forefront of a huge movement to harness and promote this energy source. Jump in, ask questions, but remember to DO something!

Assembly Information

This kit requires you to purchase a bonding adhesive

(commonly referred to as Goop) for the vacuum fittings.
You are simply left with wrapping the electrodes around the tower,

and gluing the vacuum fittings to the lid.

What Else Do I Need?

If your car is fuel injected, it may need an additional part to

work with the car's on board computer.

The unit is called an 'EFIE' (EFIE stands for Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer).

They are very simple devices. If required, the EFIE is designed to modify

the signal your cars' computer receives to adjust gasoline usage.

We recommend you first learn the technology by installing the kit and benefitting from the increased power and the cleaner, cooler running engine. Then, after a tank of gas, if you aren't seeing the large mileage improvements you should, simply order one of the EFIE Enhancers and add it to your system.

We are happy to help you get your project fully working to your expectations.

You will be very pleased with your purchase!

Supplying a World Market

The purpose of this system is encouraging the wide spread use of alternative fuels. Hydrogen plays an important role in abundant, safe energy for each of us, and the world at large.

Many of us see the startling truth of this application. With this many people being educated about electrolysis and hydrogen gas, we know a 100% water based hydrogen fuel is not far away.

Enjoy your purchase and we encourage your feedback and comments!


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