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  • Measurement 1 (M1) - Basic Condition of person (without cell phone use). Average value = 42.3 SE
  • Measurement 2 (M2) - Condition of person after 5 mins of cell phone EMF without chip. Average value = 61.9 SE
  • Measurement 3 (M3) - Condition of person after 30 mins without cell phone EMF (recovery period). Average value = 44.0 SE
  • Measurement 4 (M4) - Condition of person after 20 mins of cell phone EMF with use of chip. Average value = 41.9 SE

The Vegatest II with low pressure electrodes was used as a measuring device on 22 test-subjects. 40 SE (scale units) on the unspread scale are considered the standard value for a healthy energetic state of the human body. The measuring position is free from perturbative fields, at the time of measurements, cell phones were not allowed to be carried nor to be left in stand-by mode in the closer environments.

As the above graph illustrates, when being exposed to EMFs emitted by a cell-phone that does not carry the Harmonization Technology, the body's energy level is pushed into unhealthy ranges and a significant stress response can be observed within minutes of starting to use the phone. It takes the body approximately 30 minutes to compensate for (or recover from) harmful effects of being exposed to cell-phone EMFs for a mere 5 minutes.

When the Technology is applied to your cell-phone, energy-levels stay within healthy ranges, the body's stress response is avoided.

Mobile phone radiation frequency dangers of driving and talking on a cell phone qlink pendant cell phone radiation."Under the influence of a chip these pathological shifts of energy levels could not be observed. In fact, with the predominant number of participants (whose energy levels had previously been pushed into unhealthy ranges by cell-phones not carrying the technology), even a leveling back to the standard, healthy range (around 40 SE) could be recognized, so that of a positive effect in the therapeutic sense can be spoken".
- Dr. Horst Braun, Research Institute for Vital Energetics in Germany

For more details of this study, download Dr. Horst Braun's report (PDF):
Research Study to Test the Effectiveness of BIOTRON-Cell-Phone Chips on Electromagnetic Emissions from Cell Phones
(Note:The Cell Chip was originally named BIOTRON Cell Phone Chip)
(To download, right-click on the link, choose 'Save Target (or Link) As,' and save into your computer.)


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