Wireless Radiation Creates Concern Over Frequency Pollution Part 2

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A few years ago, if you had a computer and you didn’t have a power bar surge suppressor, when a surge came though it could shut off your computer or destroy it,” he says. That surge is dirty electricity. “We know it affects electrical equipment, but what our research is showing is that it’s also having an effect on humans.”

Magda Havas, an environmental science professor at Trent, has been studying just that. Havas teaches a course on the biological impact of electromagnetic radiation and radio frequencies – the only one of its kind in Canada.

Her work with people with MS, diabetes and other illnesses documents how many found their symptoms improved when their environments were electrically cleaned, so to speak, by placing capacitators (filters) throughout their homes. Brad Blumbergs has progressive multiple sclerosis and says he walked with a cane until he volunteered for Havas’s experiment. Michelle Illiatovitch’s daughter suffered from chronic fatigue from the time she was eight and saw her energy return once an electrician fixed some faulty wiring in their home and filters were put in her North York school.

Explains Havas,”We can take a person who is diabetic and put them in an [electrically] dirty environment, and their blood sugar levels rise. We then put them into a clean environment, and within half an hour their blood sugar levels are lower. It becomes a barometer.”

Why diabetes? Scientists have long known stress affects the disease. But what researchers like Columbia cellular biophysics prof Martin Blank say is that electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies actually trigger stress responses in cells.

“If you need any more evidence that the body is telling you, ‘I’m hurting,’ this is it,” says Blank. “That’s what the stress response is – it’s the testimony of the cells.” And that response, he adds, is activated by very weak fields, not just the kinds emitted by major transmission lines, but the kind inundating your home.

“Who knows what being exposed to [multiple sources] simultaneously does? You’ve got TV broadcasting outside, you’ve got cellphones broadcasting outside. God knows what’s going on with all these things coming and going together. There’s no attempt to deal with it except in the vaguest way.” And Wi-Fi? Blank says he wouldn’t want it in his home.

Bottom line, says the prof, “the guys who say they’re protecting us with these standards are not protecting us.”
Health Canada, on the other hand, insists our exposure to all this stuff is safe. Says spokesperson Paul Duchesne, “We’ve conducted four studies since 2000 assessing the impact of radio frequency fields’ [ability] to cause DNA damage and affect gene expression, and there’s been no effect. We haven’t seen any, anyway.”

Still, Duchesne says, “we recommend that if people are experiencing any symptoms they should contact a physician so that treatment can happen.” It’s hard to imagine what kind of treatment the department expects doctors to give when both Health Canada and the World Health Organization discourage doctors from fuelling speculation about a connection between electrical pollution and EHS and suggest a psychological assessment be given.

“I wonder how many people out there are being misdiagnosed,” asks Martin Weatherall, a retired Toronto cop who started developing a ringing in his ears and headaches when he moved into a new home. “They’re being harmed by their electrical environments, and doctors are just sending them to a psychiatrist.”

Even casual acceptance of the connection by official sources seems to be frowned on. A report released by Britain’s Health Protection Agency’s radiation division last fall was publicly smeared by the Department of Health there for suggesting that those with EHS stay away from electrical appliances. Nonetheless, Toronto Hydro’s website encourages anyone concerned to move clock radios away from their bed and to air dry for a few minutes after bathing to cut down on hair dryer time. Kind of strange for a company that says there’s nothing to worry about.

It seems both industry and regulators are seriously covering their asses. You know, just in case.

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