Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Health Concerns Part 2

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In Britain, networks have been installed in nearly 50 per cent of primary schools and 70 per cent of secondary schools giving millions of children access to computers.

Researchers for the BBC’s Panorama programme visited a comprehensive in Norwich and measured the strength of a radiation signal from a classroom wi-fi laptop.

They found that the maximum signal strength was three times higher than that of a typical mobile phone mast.
Scientists believe children may be more vulnerable to radio-frequency radiation emissions than adults because their skulls are still growing and are thinner.

This raises questions over the safety of children bent over computers being exposed to radiation at very close quarters.
But Panorama spoke to 50 schools and only one had been alerted to possible health risks. Some had been categorically told that there was no danger.

In response to the findings, Sir William said: ‘I believe that there is a need for a review of wi-fi and other areas. I think it’s timely for it to be done now.

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