Why did you move from Japan to China?


I had eventually found a log house up in the mountains of Saga Prefecture, Japan where there was no cell-phone or TV reception. Originally we decided to just stay up there for three days to see how I felt. I would say that 50% of my symptoms disappeared in the first 24 hours. We ended up staying there for four months and at that point I would say that I was approximately 85% recovered. However, it took two months to get off the sleeping pills. Fortunately, this place was also close to Dr. Yayama’s clinic so I was also making quite regular visits to see him.

As I started to heal, my body also started to become extremely sensitive to EMR especially microwave radiation. We would be driving down the road and before we could even see a cell-phone tower, I was able to actually feel it. I started to also become sensitive to radiation from cell phones. If someone were to make a cell-phone call near me, it would make me really sick. Once we went to this cafe way up in the mountains and the only other customers were a bunch of farmers. I was telling my wife how it felt pretty good there, when this woman walked in. I immediately said to my wife that she had a cell phone. At that point, she whipped it out of her bag and started yakking on it. Later we checked and she was in fact the only person in this cafe to have a cell phone.

At any rate, I finally realized that I could not stay in this log house forever and when I felt that I was healthy enough to travel, I took off on a trip looking for a new place to live. I finally chose Yunnan Province in China. The air is relatively clean and the weather is quite pleasant. However, the Chinese people are completely addicted to their cell phones, so I see this as only a temporary place to live. So while it is still radiated here, it is much better than Japan, which must be one of the most electropolluted countries in the world.


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