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We are now entering the realm where RF begins to affect the human body at a distance. It is generally considered that any frequency above TV channel 83 is microwave. There is a “fuzzy” line between microwave and non-microwave radio signals. In fact, the upper channels of the UHF band in America are considered the near microwave band. Radio signals operating with short wavelengths measured in centimeters, can increase the temperature of water and tissues at a distance. Although most people equate this only with microwave ovens, this effects happens at lower frequencies. Complex proteins present in blood also break down into toxic materials. These invisible, toxic compounds can cause increasing muscle, joint and nerve pain in people over time as toxins build up in the body. Alteration of proteins and toxin generation not only happens to the body when exposed to RF, but also to food in microwave ovens. Many people have put their microwave ovens on the curb, when they discovered their pain was linked to microwaved food. The effects of microwaved food on the immune system are largely unexplored by mainstream science,
but are well known by those that suffer from them.

In reality, Diathermy treatments work on the same principle that microwave ovens operate on, except that microwave ovens use higher power levels and higher frequencies. In later years after Diathermy became popular, it was found that higher RF frequencies allowed heating at a distance, without direct electrode contact. The story about the microwave oven invention is that it was discovered by accident, by an engineer working in an electronics lab. He found the radiation from the equipment melted a candy bar in his pocket. Amana is credited with building and selling the first commonly available oven – the infamous RadarRange. The discovery reminds one of the sticky-note origin story. Another accidental discovery – found while 3M was trying to create a better adhesive..

For many years, everyone treated microwaves as nothing to be concerned about. No one learned from the lessons of Madam and Pierre Curie who tinkered with radium a century ago, and died from radiation poisoning. Remember the comparison of RF with radioactiviting above ? Several decades ago, a man walked past the front of a telephone relay dish on the roof of a building. He suffered no immediate ill effects, but died some days later in the hospital as his organs began to fail. His organs had absorbed the microwave radiation, and were permanently and fatally damaged. He was essentially cooked and didn’t know it. If he has walked past a sufficient amount of Plutonium, the same thing would happen but in a different way. He would have still died.

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