What’s the Truth About Mobile Phones and Cancer Part 1

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The truth about the risk of cancer that might come from using a mobile phone regularly is proving very elusive. Many different reports have appeared over the last few years, some of them claiming there is a definite link, others refuting those claims and saying that the use of a mobile phone does not lead to heightened cancer risk no matter how often you use it.

The difficulty is that data on a huge number of people are needed to establish whether there is a link or not, and the research needs to be done over several years. Cancer takes a long time to form, and may be diagnosed years after exposure to the environmental risk factors that cause it. Using a mobile phone could cause cancers that don’t appear for 15 or 20 years later – and mobile phones just haven’t been around that long yet.

New Mobile Phone Risk Study

As so many people do now use mobile phones, in the developing world as well as in the industrialised world, we have to find some sort of answer to this question. If mobile phones are linked with a higher risk of brain cancer, it may become necessary to change their design so that the risk is reduced. At the very least, people should be aware that they are taking such a risk.In late April 2010, a new study was launched that should provide all the answers – but the results will not be available for years yet. In total, the period that the study covers could extend over the next 30 years, although some interim results will become available before that.

The Scope of the Mobile Phone Risk Study

The new study will cost millions and is going to include around quarter of a million people in 5 different countries. About 100 000 of them will be from the UK and other people from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands will also be recruited. Each person in the study will give their permission for their mobile phone records to be taken and stored, and they will provide regular updates on their health, including symptoms such as headaches, and the number of cases of different cancer that arise will be recorded over time.

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