What kind of treatment has been effective to treat your condition?


The number one thing that people can do for this condition is to remove themselves from an environment high in electromagnetic radiation. And if that is not possible then shielding is another option needed to create a place low in EMR. There is silver-lined material available that can be placed over windows and quite effective for blocking out microwave radiation. There is also a German-made paint called Y-Shield effective for blocking microwave radiation passing through walls. Also, microwaves will enter the house via electric wires contributing to what is called dirty electricity, so I and others have found that the use of Graham-Stetzer filters to be very helpful. Professor Magda Havas, (Ph.D.) and Dave Stetzer have done some interesting research along these lines. I personally hit the outside breaker before I go to sleep and hence stop any electricity from entering the house.

Secondly, I would say that chelation therapy is highly effective in removing any heavy metals from one’s body, but this needs to be done carefully. First of all, removing any metal fillings from one’s mouth is necessary and chelation therapy (administered by a professional) should be followed by this. However, it is extremely important that one has first removed oneself from the electrosmog environment for at least eight weeks before one starts doing any heavy-duty chelation therapy.

Thirdly, taking a large variety of antioxidants is extremely helpful since one of the adverse effects of exposure to EMR is the creation of free radicals, which go onto damage the cell wall, the mitochondria, and DNA.


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