What effects do mobile phones have on people’s health?

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Mobile phones have been in extensive use for a relatively short period of time, and their technology has progressively changed, from analogue to digital systems. Mobile phones and base stations emit radio frequency or microwave radiation. Exposure to such a radiation could affect health directly.
The use of mobile phones also results in indirect effects, such as car accidents and interference with health equipment. Experimental research on the effects of radio-frequency radiation is very broad and heterogeneous. It includes both studies of cell cultures and tissues (in vitro) and of laboratory animals (in vivo), as well as of people (volunteers). On one hand, these studies focus on functional changes in the brain and the resulting effects on cognition, and (to some extent) well-being – that is, the influence of exposure to radiation on the head. On the other hand, these studies focus on the possibility of a relationship between mobile phone use and carcinogenic processes, reproduction and development, the cardiovascular system and longevity – that is, exposure of the whole body. These studies found very small and reversible biological and physiological effects that do not necessary lead to diseases or injuries. Also, the research findings on the changes at the molecular level associated with the development of cancer are inconsistent and contradictory.
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