What Different Radio Frequencies Frequencies Do To The Human Body? Part 3

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It is usually considered that any frequency above TV channel 83 is microwave. There’s a “fuzzy” line between microwave and non-microwave radio signals. In truth, the higher channels of the UHF band in America are thought to be the near microwave band. Radio signals operating with short wavelengths measured in centimeters, can increase the temperature of water and tissues at a distance. Though most of the people compare this only with microwave ovens, this effects occurs at lower frequencies. Complicated proteins present in blood also break down into poisonous materials. These invisible, toxic compounds may cause skyrocketing muscle, joint and nerve agony in folk over time as poisons build up in the body. Many of us have put their microwave ovens on the curb, when they discovered their agony was linked to microwaved food.


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