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A cell phone’s impulses can disable the brain’s barrier that isolates the brain from poisons in the blood after only 2 minutes use. As convenient and irreplaceable as cell phones are in modern life, the mounting scientific evidence of EMF health hazards suggests that preventive actions are necessary for the preservation of life.

Here are 7 useful ways to protect yourself and your family from the hidden dangers of cell phone electromagnetic radiation.

1. Limit your cell phone use to 2 minutes or less. Turn your cell phone off when not in use and when you are sleeping. Never keep your cordless phone near your head since it can produce higher doses of radiation because of the proximity and prolonged exposure while sleeping.
2. Do not expose children under 16 years to cordless phone use, especially younger children whose brains are 75% more susceptible to radiation damage than adults. Replace cordless phones with corded lines wherever possible. The cordless phone base emits high levels of EMR 24 hours a day, whether it’s being used or not.
3. Use the phone’s speaker and hold the phone away from your head when in use. Corded headsets gather radiation fields from around the phone and turn the user’s head into an antenna for the base-station. Bluetooth headsets create a greater risk from concentrated microwave frequencies by pointing them directly into the ear. Use an air tube headset instead of a corded headset.

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