Using Microwave Radation in Schools – A Report By Barrie Trower Part 3


Using Microwave Radation in Schools – A Report By Barrie Trower Part 2

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Following a spate of illnesses in their surgeries, a group of doctors produced the FREIBURGER APPEAL. It is a warning to decision makers concerning illnesses from low level microwaves. It was singed by 36990 signatories of which approx 3000 were doctors, consultants and scientists. v[5]
At this time:
• 47 cancer clusters were reported around schools in Spain; vi[6]
• Approx. 138 clusters of cancers and other illnesses (miscarriages, brain, breast and teachers ill) were reported internationally; vii[7] (Again schools)
• 165 die in Osafia; viii[8]
• Scientists like Wolf and Wolf (2004) and Eger et al. (2004) carried out epidemiological studies around transmitters over many years. Their conclusion was a threefold increase of cancers within a 400 m radius of transmitters, for breast cancer a tenfold increase was found. ix[9]
• D. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, the originator of a further doctors’ appeal, this time in the German city of Bamberg, wrote an open letter expressing her concern to the Prime Minister of Bavaria. x[10]
• Hutter (2006) showed sleeping problems and cognitive performance decline for residents near transmitters; xi[11]
• Other scientists such as Gandhi Gursatej, a group of Flemish paediatricians, Dr. HaJs from Germany and the Colorado State University warn of genetic damage and brain tumours from transmitters;xii [12]
• The Nobel Prize winning Irish Doctors Association listed 70 research papers showing the dangers from low level microwaves. Dr. Santini listed 20 similar studies, the EM. Radiation Research Trust listed 9 studies, Dr. Blackwell listed 6 similar studies in his report and finally 4 international universities completed the Spanish Study which verified all of these known illnesses. The authors of the Spanish study (The Microwave Syndrome-Further Aspects of a Spanish Study 2004) recommended a level of radiation 100 million times below our maximum level. 10 million below ICNIRP. Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, one of the authors of the study, is the Director of the Public Health Office in Salzburg, Austria, which lowered its precautionary value for indoor exposures to GSM frequencies to comply with the recommendation made by the study. ; xiii[13]
• Published in the Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Hallberg and Johansson studied a country before and after radio transmitters were introduced. (Cancer Trends during the 20th Century, 2002). They found increased cancers (breast, bladder, prostate, lung, colon). Their conclusion was that this was due to the introduction of FM radio frequencies. Both these professors also produced a report showing that they believed this radiation also contributed to skin cancer;xiv [14]
• 2 very recent studies have shown that people underneath the transmitter (i.e. transmitter on the roof) suffer neurobehavioral problems (headache, memory changes, tremors, depression, sleep disturbance and neuropsychiatric problems). I mention this because children often sit underneath their transmitters, which can be on the wall of a classroom. Also problems can arise where damage occurs to the formation of the foetus; xv[15] (Female teachers)
• Professor Cherry published a list of dose related illnesses; xvi[16]
• Doctors Monnet, Ruz and Gautier published mechanisms showing how microwaves cause these illnesses;xvii [17]
• Permanent low level microwave exposure induces chronic nitrosative and oxidative stress (Warnke 2005xviii). It is known that chronic nitrosative/oxidative stress damages the mitochondria, the “powerhouses” of each cell in the body.

Mitochondropathy is at the root of many of today’s chronic illnesses, such as MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Artherosclerosis and Obesity. (Kuklinsli 2004xix). Even more disturbingly, when chronic nitrosative and oxidative stress is present, irreversible mitochondrial DNA damage will occur sooner or later (see also Kuklinski 2004 and Kremer 2003).

The mitochondrial DNA is ten times more susceptible to nitrosative / oxidative stress than the DNA in the cell nucleus. Whilst regular cell DNA has in-built repair mechanisms, mitochondrial DNS is irreparable due to its low histone proteine content. The mitochondropathy is therefore irreversibly transmitted to the children by the maternal egg cell causing cumulative irreparable damage to future generations.

Electrical sensitivity has now been recognised by some countries. Sweden claims that above 3% of its population is sensitive to microwaves. The WHO acknowledges this condition and the most recent country to announce this is Canada. The significance of this condition for children is that approx. 3 % of the pupils and those working near transmitters may develop ES. xx[18]
80% of the epidemiological studies on the WHO database show everything from sickness (microwave syndrome) to a fourfold increase in cancers from low level microwaves. I was curious to investigate the remaining 20% which showed no symptoms.

However this had already been looked at by Swiss scientists who said “the interpretation of results … should take sponsorship into account”. Michael Meacher Minister for the Environment 1997-2003 published a report blaming some universities for accepting lucrative contracts in favour of reporting favourable results from scientific research. In the same month US Congressman Henry Waxman published a similar report in Scientific American stating that science was being corrupted by industry.xxi [19]

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