Using Microwave Radation in Schools – A Report By Barrie Trower Part 1


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I have heard many times from planning inspectors, government spokes persons, school governors and appointed representatives that illnesses from microwave transmitters are usually based on anecdotal evidence from selective research causing anxiety and psychosomatic disorders.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
I suggest that these decision makers read the documents of the NRPB (04) which states…..”account should be taken not only of peer reviewed papers but also of non peer reviewed and anecdotal evidence.” Appendix H p. 101. NB. All studies start from anecdotal evidence, e.g. smoking, alcohol, asbestos, BSE and aids.

Similarly, according to the WHO 80% of their epidemiological data on microwave transmitters show illnesses ranging from microwave sickness to a fourfold increase in cancers. That is 8 out of 10 research papers ~ hardly selective. It is not difficult to find the sponsors of the remaining research papers which show this communications industry in good light.

My argument with evidence follows.
All these transmitters emit microwaves. I will look at general microwave problems first and then specific problems regarding Wi-fi.

Uruguay, Montevideo
New Orleans, Louisiana
Aurora, Colorado
Gladstone, Queensland
South Bend, Indiana
Pompano Beach, Florida
Latvia, Riga
Arlington Texas USA
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Cameroon, Yaounde

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