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Andrei S.
“At first I thought ‘what’s this’? Another piece of plastic with fantastic claims of healing everything that’s wrong in the world?” However after wearing it for just one week, I won my first competition and it happened to be a Golfmagic event at Wakefield Park. I was a lot calmer and seemed to be thinking a lot clearer and not playing the career shots that I would have attempted before. Also if I played a bad shot, I found it easier to forget and get on with the next one. I have continued to wear the Q-Link and my handicap has dropped on a regular basis. I put this down to being more calm. Also, as I work permanent nights I have awkward sleep patterns, I can safely say the Q-Link pendant has helped me in the sleep department as well.”

“I bought your product and received it a week ago. I am an average golfer with a 7.6 index. I played this weekend after wearing your Q-Link during the week. During my round, I experienced a front nine not up to par and did not get overly upset like the past. On the back nine my act got together and played much better. It also included my 1st hole in one at JGCC on number 17, a 168 par 3. I wanted you all to know that wearing the product – and after 35 years – it’s my first hole in one on the 1st day of playing golf with your product. Pretty cool, now all my friends want one and I am looking for more good rounds and maybe a few more ones on my card.”

Bill W., Aspen CO
“I put this Q-Link Pendant on and noticed within a day a sense of relief. I can’t describe it, I’m just more calm in my thought patterns and movements. Two days after wearing it continuously I went out and played in a tournament and shot 1 under Par 69. I’ve never done that before. I have to credit my Q-Link with freeing my mind and body to do what I’ve known it to be capable of.”

Durham, North Carolina
Morocco, Rabat
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Singapore, Singapore
Monaco, Monaco
Antioch, California
Malta Valletta
Moe, Victoria
Bundaberg, Queensland
Guatemala, Guatemala City

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Electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) is a combination of up to three factors

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