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Nov 13, 2011

A cell phone has become a very essential device in this time and age. It is in fact a necessity because it offers the user a lot of convenience in different areas. However, a major concern of many is whether cell phones can cause cancer. In 1997, research showed that extended exposure to the kind of radiation that cellular phones emit led to an increase in cases of lymphoma in lab mice.
This raised a red flag and many were made to believe that cell phones cause cancer. It should however be noted that they only increase the risk of one having cancer. The Smartphone has not been left out either for it also increases the chances of one getting cancer. The cell phone antennas radiation plume cannot only cause a risk of one having cancer but other illnesses as well.

This is true regardless of who you are or the type of phone that you use. It therefore calls for the need for individuals to seek protection. More emphasis should be on the protection of the young children since they are most susceptible to risks caused by radiation. The World Health Organization recently announced that radiation from cell phones could actually cause cancer. This has led to phones being categorized as a carcinogenic hazard.
In a recent study commissioned by WHO, results showed that users of cell phones for less than a decade were at a 20 percent risk of contracting brain cancer. However, the risk increases significantly as cell phone usage exceeds 10-years of use. It was further revealed that tumors are likely to be found on the side of the head that one holds their phone. The risk was confirmed to be two times more for that side to have the tumor.

It is therefore advisable for one to get used to using both sides of the head when receiving or making a call. This should be the case whether you are using an average phone type, a smartphone or a touch phone. In addition to this, one has an increased risk of getting the cancer of the auditory nerve or acoustic neuroma. This does not imply that people should stop using cell phones but there should be proper use of the cell phones. It is also wise enough for you not to make it a habit for your young child to use the cell phone so that the growing skull is protected.

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