The Growing Concerns on Cell Phone Radiation

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There are at least over a hundred million people who have started using cell phones by the end of the 19th century. With this growing number, the number of cell sites and satellites to provide for the growing need of good reception has expanded at an enormous rate. But with this rapid growth in technology, serious matters regarding electromagnetic exposure and radiation are coming to light.

There was an issue that popped up regarding a man claiming that his wife developed brain tumor because of RF or radio frequency from their cell phone. Of course, there was no substantial evidence to back up his claim that the cell phone was the cause. His wife’s habits were just like anyone else’ so the case was promptly dropped after two years. But this has started a wave of panic and uncertainty amongts the civilian population. What if there was an amount of truth to this crazy claim?

The concern comes from the fact that cell phones emit RF or radio frequencies, which is a type of wave that is located between the spectrum of FM radio waves and microwaves. The intensity varies on the exposure time, and from person to person, since location from base station can also affect the frequency. The model can also affect the amount, since newer models tend to emit lesser degrees of it.

Any person that lives near or is in the range of a base station’s tower would be bombarded by radio waves. Older modeled cell phones would emit larger quantities of these waves in comparison to that of the newer ones. But there is still no link that can be found at all. Most brain tumor patients would claim that they had lower hours of cell phone usage compared to normal people. There was no relation to the side of the brain that grew a tumor in connection to where the cell phone was mostly placed in.

No study could ever provide a clear link between the two, both cancer and cell phone. Though it is proven that radiation can cause cancer, the amount it emits is below the margin of danger. And benefits are more numerous than the harm it may possibly not cause. Who would want to throw away something convenient because a half-baked scare tactic?

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