The Development of Electromagnetic Radiation Emission Test Software for Mobile User Terminal

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November 28th, 2011
EMC certification testing as part of 3C, is one of the test must be carried out before appear on the market. In the emc test, because the testing process takes a long time, record large volumes of data and the needs of equipment controlling and other reasons, the use of automatic test system can significantly reduce the manual auxiliary test workload.

In addition, with the testing standards of continuous improvement, emc testing by adding more types of products and testing requirements, this article discussed about the testing requirements of mobile wireless communications products. EMC testing can be broken down into four sub-tests, here only discuss the radiation emission test. This paper analyzes the demand for testing of information technology equipment and mobile phone products in the test were compared with the similarities and differences.

In addition to the need for traditional phone radiation emission tests, need to do their special radiation spurious emission test. Two tests have different concerns, including spurious emission test is to test the product outside of the operating frequency transmission power, different from the radiated emission test tests products in the distance the electric field strength.This focus is the design and implementation of radiated emissions testing system, in its development process, to consider the maintainability and scalability of the software, particularly in the measured parameters configuration and hardware control.

Mobile phones in the testing of this software, need to use a wireless test set simulation to establish a connection with the phone, during which returns the output power to detect the phone connection status, but also noted that the work mobile phone signal processing, to avoid high-power signals directly into the receiver equipment. The software designed in this paper support of the traditional information technology equipment and wireless communications test products, including both GSM and WCDMA wireless communication standard, GSM includes 850 MHz,900 MHz,1800 MHz,1900 MHz four bands.

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