The Debate Over Cell Phone Use And Their Potential Health Risks

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October 30, 2011

Numerous studies have been conducted in recent times with the idea of knowing what the implications of the use of radiation waves emitted by cell phones. Of these, one group had raised the possibility that they could be harmful to health. However, a new research , conducted by the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology Copengague published in the British Medical Journal , states that there is no relationship between these two elements.

As part of the study, scientists monitored the health behaviors and use of cell phones in almost 360,000 participants for a period of nearly 20 years. Of this group, researchers were unable to find evidence for the existence of a rise in the statistics carcinogens in tumors compared with those not subscribed to a cellular service for the same time.

For his part, even when it is expected that these results can reassure the public regarding the use of cell phones, some experts in the field argue that it is fraudulent as part of the funds to come from a company of mobile phones . Asimo, others understand that the study is not complete and there is still much to learn about this device and its consequences in the body.

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