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January 30, 2012

Few people think about the negative effects cell phone usage could have on our bodies,
but research is beginning to bring this matter to light. Radiation from phone antennas
has recently been linked to various illnesses.

In May 2011, the Environmental Health Trust reported that increased cell phone use
affected the blood-brain barrier as well as bone formation in fetuses.
Although the tests were only conducted on rats, Professor Wilhelm Mosgoeller from the
Medical University of Vienna states, “this work provides a warning signal for all of us.”

It goes without saying that cell phone radiation will have a different, probably less
damaging effect on human brains. However, theories have been introduced which name
cell phones to be the cause of brain cancer and tumors, which tend to be near the ear to
which the user usually holds their phone when speaking. The World Health
Organizationʼs International Agency for Research on Cancer Epidemiology deemed cell
phones a possible cause of cancer, partially because of studies done by the Danish
Cancer Societyʼs Institute of Cancer Epidemiology but also due to various other
experiments and tests being done since 1999.

Even after research (now proven to be false) was released warning men against
keeping cell phones in their pants pockets as it could lead to a lower sperm count, few
people paid attention. If you read the fine print in almost any cell phone manual, you are
advised to “hold the phone away from ear when talking.”

“I use my phone all the time, I feel uncomfortable if I don’t have it on me,” said junior
Katie Kennihan. “I could only stop using it if there was direct proof that it would give me
cancer, but until then I need it.”

When originally creating cell phones, engineers and designers did not consider the
incredible popularity of this invention. They didnʼt realize that in the future, applications
would cause cell phones to be such a huge part of daily life that one would keep it with
them at all times. People now depend so much on their cell phones that they are willing
to look past any harmful effects and simply use their devices until told to stop.

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