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It is interesting that the insurance industry now excludes health-risk claims in the product liability coverage of cell phone industry products. This has forced the cell phone industry to become self-insured. The implication here is that the cell phone industry does not have any insurance to cover losses incurred in any litigation processes. Once their money runs out no more money would be available to pay a judgment. When Lloyds of London refuses to insure they don’t turn hefty premiums down for no reason. Obviously, they felt the risk was too great.

Verizon’s New Contracts

Buried in the fine print of Verizon’s new contracts is a clause the customer, by signing that states that the customer agrees not to sue the cell phone manufacturer for any bodily damages or harm. The customer also agrees not to participate in any class action lawsuit. Suggestion: take the time to read the fine print of your carrier’s contract. Think twice before signing it.

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