Tests find chemical after normal heating of ‘microwave safe’ plastics

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10 Items Sent to the Lab
Products tested for the Journal Sentinel:
• Munchkin bowls
• Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick-ups
• Gerber 2nd Foods Hawaiian Delight dessert
• Campbell’s Just Heat & Enjoy tomato soup
• Enfamil liquid baby formula
• Hormel chili
• Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese and Stouffer’s lasagna
• Playtex VentAire baby bottles also were tested, but the company has since reformulated the product to eliminate bisphenol A
How to Avoid BPA
• Do not microwave food or beverages in plastic.
• Do not microwave or heat plastic cling wraps.
• Do not place plastics in the dishwasher.
• If using hard polycarbonate plastics (water bottles, baby bottles or sippy cups), do not use for warm or hot liquids.
• Use safe alternatives such as glass.
• Avoid canned foods when possible (BPA may be used in can linings).
• Look for labels on products that say “BPA-free.”
• Rubbermaid Premier food storage container


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