photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com When the people lead, the leaders will follow! I don’t think it can be said any better than that in this case in San Francisco of winning an opposition against a cell phone tower site. They fought a well prepared battle proving the providers coverage was already adequate, the fear of health risks, the towers would be near a residential area and more. Please take some time and read on about how this county in San Francisco sent the cell towers running. SNAFU/Success_Upper Fillmore


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Over 77 International Schools Ban together to Stop Cell Towers

Are Cell Phone Towers Safe? You only have to look internationally to figure this one out. This question will become clear in the near future but for the meantime read this article so you can be ahead of the game and put a stop to the mass placement of cell phone towers around the world. This is scary folks. Our world is going to be covered with invisible electric smog. I urge you to read article and take note of the pictures so you can see where they are placing the towers. In this article they talk about how children at ages below 5 are getting and dying from cancer and other diseases. They list the areas of the schools that are fighting to put a stop to the cell phone towers.
Inform yourself.

Read. Schools and Cell Tower Antennas