Sweet Victory In Sydney, Australia. Cell tower visual impact was under-estimated and rejected!

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A proposal by Telstra to build a mobile phone tower on the western side of Lake Macquarie has been rejected by council, after residents revealed its visual impact had been significantly under-estimated. Councillors last night rejected the 30 metre high tower at Teralba after a long campaign by residents, who conducted their own experiments to determine its impact on local homes. Lake Macquarie Mayor Greg Piper says council surveyors have confirmed that Telstra’s original application to council had misrepresented the impact of the tower by about a third. “It’s certainly a significant departure and I don’t believe it’s reasonable for a company the size of Telstra to be so far from the mark in representing visual impact,” he said. “That worked greatly against them and the issue of visual amenity is not to be put lightly aside.”
Source: ABC (Supplied by Tower Sanity Alliance in Sydney)

Cell Tower opposed In Lake George and The Community Wins!

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There is hope my friends. We need to realize the power is in the numbers. If the people of this planet unite for the benefit of humankind we will make the world a better place. Here is a example where the community worked with the councilmen in their jurisdiction and succeeded to implement the rejection of a cell tower. This is possible with anything we want as long as we band together and stay strong in our beliefs. Way to go Lake George!
State agency staff opposes Lake George cell phone tower proposal – 2005-05-23