What Makes Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Dangerous?


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Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is the generated byproduct of electricity traveling through electronic devices. Electronic devices develop a field of radiation or, an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) that is strongest when closest to the source and reduces in intensity when moving away from the source. Increasing the current within the source will directly increase the strength of the field.

Industry experts recommend that exposure to these fields should be less than 2 milliGauss (mG), the measurement of EMFs. For devices such as laptops, these levels can reach up to 175 mG, when processing and computing.

EMF radiation can be dangerous because it can often change field direction, creating a vibration within the tissues of the body.

EMF Vibration Impacts

A vibrating Electromagnetic Field (EMF) touching the body generates heat and cell mutation. In fact, this phenomenon works the same way as a microwave by vibrating molecules together and generating enough heat to cook food. Long term exposure to EMF vibrations can lead to serious health concerns.

With increased temperatures, both male and female fertility can be affected. Studies over the past 20 years show that long-term exposure to high levels of EMFs can mutate cells, burn skin, cause DNA cellular breakdown and many other health problems including cancer.

Most EMFs are fields that vibrate the human body’s cells. This vibration can not only cause heating up of cells, but also manipulate the cells in other dangerous ways.

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Laptop Radiation from WiFi Harmful to Sperm and Fertility

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The medical journal Fertility and Sterility recently published a laptop radiation report on Argentinian scientists studying the relationship between laptop radiation, WiFi and human male sperm.

In their study, semen samples from 29 healthy men were placed under a laptop connected to an active internet session via WiFi.

Testing was conducted over a four hour period and produced the following results:
25% of the semen was no longer active compared to 14% from semen samples stored at the same temperature over the same time period and away from the computer.
9% of the sperm showed DNA damage, 3x the damage experienced by the comparison samples.
Based on the testing, these scientists concluded that WiFi or Radio Frequency (RF) radiation can be unhealthy to the human body.

Laptop Computers and WiFi Fertility Study Results
Conrado Avendano of Nascentis Medicina Reproductiva in Cordoba and his colleagues say “Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality.” They go on further to say, “At present we do not know whether this effect is induced by all laptop computers connected by Wi-Fi to the internet or what use conditions heighten this effect.”

The Laptop Radiation WiFi Sperm Controversy
In previous studies, there was confirming evidence found. In a Reuters Health report November 5, 2010, a study revealed that radiation from cell phones creates feeble sperm in the lab. A urologist noted that a laptop balanced on his knees could crank up scrotum temperatures to unsafe levels. These were reports on higher frequency, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Radio Frequency (RF) radiation similar to those by Conrado Avendano.

On the other hand, Dr. Robert Oates, president of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology doesn’t believe laptops are a significant threat to male reproductive health. Referring to the Argentinian study he says, “This is not real-life biology, this is a completely artificial setting,” He goes on further to say, “It is scientifically interesting, but to me it doesn’t have any human biological relevance.” In fact, he says he has not seen any study to connect laptop radiation as influential on fertility or pregnancy outcomes.

There is still controversy on our understanding of Radio Frequency (RF) radiation being so close to our bodies. However, recent evidence continues to point to the danger of laptop use directly in our laps. Extremely powerful technologies such as those found in laptops, iPads and other electronic devices are now being used very close to our bodies. With time, RF radiating devices devices will be better understood. In the meantime, take precautions to protect yourself from the health dangers of laptop radiation.

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Electromagnetic Radiation Health Threats


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Our environment poses heath threats from the very things that are supposed to make our lives easier. Electronic devices like laptop computers, cell phones, WiFi networks, microwave ovens, and even the power used by the wires in our walls and ceilings are so important in modern lives, yet their Electromagnetic Field (EMF) emissions can be harmful.

There is no consensus understanding about the human impact from our electronic devices. There are however experts on the subject. Dr. Neil Cherry was a leading researcher on EMF science before passing away in 2003. He challenged us to take responsibility for our health and better understand Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). The following were few of his thoughts.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Effects on the Body

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) has become a growing concern over the past 50 years because we have electronic devices that emit radiation getting closer and closer to our bodies. The scientific community knows that heath concerns are partly genetic, but also environmental. We know that food, water and air introduce toxins to the body, but we are now beginning to understand through growing evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) damages cells and can even cause cancer.

Dr. Neal Cherry investigated data on cell damage in controlled, repeatable laboratory studies. He pointed out that in one study, human breast cells exposed to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) were affected. This exposure totally eliminated the effectiveness of melatonin, used to help us sleep. Exposure also caused long-term DNA damage and impaired body cells. The link between Electromagnetic Radiation with power lines and appliances was established as well, and the impact was a reduction of melatonin cleaning-up effect on human breast cancer cells.

Other studies showed people who work with Electromagnetic Fields are more likely to get breast cancer than those less exposed. Dr. Cherry noted a statistically significant increase in breast cancer among the people exposed.

The National Cancer Institute studied people exposed to work related microwaves. They concluded that there was a tenfold increase in brain tumors among those working 20 years or more. Dr. Cherry points out that the destructive source was Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

The University of Washington conducted research on microwave Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) impact on the brains of rats. The research showed breaks in the DNA associated with increased free radicals and increased cell deaths. This study emulates levels of exposure when using a cell phone against your head.

Dr. Cherry investigated other studies such as the one at the US Embassy in Moscow where the effect of radar signals, or Electromagnetic Radiation, on people was evaluated. The study demonstrated that there were changes in the blood and an increase in cancer from the radiation.

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