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(which represents billions of dollars in profits and thousands of jobs, which buys advertising in the mass media, and which donates massive amounts of money to politicians)? Is there any hope against Big Pharma, which is trying to develop drugs – which would bring in billions – from the treatment of CFS/ME? Is there hope against the psychiatric/psychological lobby, which are happy to “treat” all these “depressed, paranoid, and you name it” patients by the thousands?

If Patients Are Sick With CFS/ME The Harder It Is For Them To Recover?

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Well, naturally one would assume that the longer one has been sick and exposed to environmental toxins like EMR, the more difficult it will be for them to recover. However, having said that, I feel that the human body – and mind – given the right conditions is capable of remarkable things. Unfortunately, people who have been sick for a long time also tend to be more skeptical and leery about possible cures. The most important thing is to never give up hope and to keep a positive and open mind about things. I think the main reason I recovered had to do with the fact that I was open to things and I did try to keep a positive attitude about recovering. Finally, I prayed.

Medical Industry Microwave Standards

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Is there any country that is more advanced in this subject, either by having stricter microwave standards or by having a more knowledgeable medical industry that could become a safe haven for people made sick by this technology?

It seems like Austria – and especially the city of Salzburg – is at the forefront of recognizing the dangers and doing something about it. They apparently have the strictest regulations in the world. Unfortunately, I think it is very difficult for people to immigrate there – unless, of course, you are an EU citizen. If I were an EU citizen, I think that this is the place that I would certainly go to live. It would be nice if they would accept EMR refugees though and that the UN would establish such a status.

Developed Brain Tumors Who All Still Continue To Wield Their Cellular Weapons

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Then on the other hand, like I said before, people are so addicted to their cell phones and their WiFi that they cannot even imagine their life without them – and hence refuse to give them up. Of course, this is exactly what the cell phone industry wants – and it has even been postulated that there are certain frequencies, by design, which stimulate the production of opioids in the brain. I know people with friends and family members that have developed brain tumors who all still continue to wield their cellular weapons. Now, is that sick or what? Don’t they realize that by owning cell phones themselves, they are indirectly responsible for giving their friends and family members these brain tumors? They are like heroin addicts that cannot give up heroin even though they know it is destroying their life and the lives of their families and friends. Cell phones have become the electromagnetic drug of the 21st Century. However, I must say that the situation with cell phones – on a global scale – I fear is much more serious than any heroin addiction. And the sad part is – while truly being a serious crime against humanity and wildlife – is perfectly legal and accepted as perfectly normal by the majority of the population.

Faraday cages,microwave technologies

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Yes, anything that shields one from the microwave radiation is effective. Our bodies need a space and time away from the onslaught of EMR to try to recover from its deleterious effects and this has to be at least when we are sleeping. Personally, I sleep under a net made out of mesh lined with silver and this does a good job of cutting out the microwave radiation and I sleep quite well. I cannot sleep when the microwave radiation is at a certain level as experienced when staying in certain hotel rooms.

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Is There A Way To Prevent People From Getting Sick, Especially Children?

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Well, the real simple solution would be to get to the root of the problem and to limit the amount of EMR populations are all being exposed to on a daily basis. However, because of the massive unconsciousness out there, that is unfortunately not going to happen in the near future. There is just too much money being made on both ends – by Big Cellular and by Big Pharma! And then people are addicted (like drug addicts) to their little microwave electromagnetic devices. There is a lot of denial out there! So in the meantime we just have to limit our exposure to this electrosmog as much as possible and do other things to stay healthy.

What kind of treatment has been effective to treat your condition?

The number one thing that people can do for this condition is to remove themselves from an environment high in electromagnetic radiation. And if that is not possible then shielding is another option needed to create a place low in EMR. There is silver-lined material available that can be placed over windows and quite effective for blocking out microwave radiation. There is also a German-made paint called Y-Shield effective for blocking microwave radiation passing through walls. Also, microwaves will enter the house via electric wires contributing to what is called dirty electricity, so I and others have found that the use of Graham-Stetzer filters to be very helpful. Professor Magda Havas, (Ph.D.) and Dave Stetzer have done some interesting research along these lines. I personally hit the outside breaker before I go to sleep and hence stop any electricity from entering the house.

Secondly, I would say that chelation therapy is highly effective in removing any heavy metals from one’s body, but this needs to be done carefully. First of all, removing any metal fillings from one’s mouth is necessary and chelation therapy (administered by a professional) should be followed by this. However, it is extremely important that one has first removed oneself from the electrosmog environment for at least eight weeks before one starts doing any heavy-duty chelation therapy.

Thirdly, taking a large variety of antioxidants is extremely helpful since one of the adverse effects of exposure to EMR is the creation of free radicals, which go onto damage the cell wall, the mitochondria, and DNA.

When did you learn about the adverse health effects caused by microwave technology?

I had been sick and searching for answers for about six months and trying all kinds of treatments (e.g. Vitamin C and Salt, Whey Powder, etc.). I had finally read of an account of a person with CFS/ME and Crohn’s Disease who had been keeping a journal on a website of his ordeal. His last entry stated that when he had moved to his parent’s house in the French countryside, all his symptoms had disappeared and that the cause of his problems had been extremely high levels of ambient electromagnetic radiation in his apartment in a European city where he had been living. Around this time, I had also gone to visit an alternative Japanese doctor by the name of Dr. Yayama in Yamato City in Saga Prefecture. I was surprised to see that in his pamphlet it clearly stated that disease was caused by five factors: (1) one’s genes, (2) metal toxicity, (3) chemical toxicity, (4) pathogens, and yes (5) exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). On the ride home from his office that day, I suddenly noticed the microwave towers all over the place.

A search on the Internet showed that the symptoms and abnormalities found in Microwave Sickness are remarkably identical to those found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I also noticed that I felt better at night (when people are not using their cell phones) as the majority of people with CFS/ME do. Additionally, I noticed that I would get these indescribable anxiety attacks at specific times of the day, which I was able to correlate with peak cell-phone usage time in Japan. Finally, I had noticed that in going to specific places that I would feel much better. I later realized that this was indeed because these places had less of this electrosmog. There is even a Yahoo Group called CFS/ME/CFIDS: Feel Great Destinations, formed by people who have found that when they leave a Western country to some third-world country, that their CFS symptoms disappear.