Calling in the Car Increases Risk of Cancer

The Belgian Cancer Foundation echoes the warnings emanating from the World Health Organisation.
The Belgian Foundation against Cancer warns that intensive use of a mobile phone can increase the risk of contracting cancer in certain situations.

The Belgian Cancer Foundation has picked up on the concerns of the World Health Organisation regarding mobile phones. “The first results of an international interphone study are quite alarming,” writes the Foundation on its website. Although the results of the study are not yet definitive the Foundation says there is definitely reason for concern.

To limit the risk of exposing yourself to an increased chance of contracting cancer the Belgian Cancer Foundation gives a number of tips including: children younger than 12 should not use a mobile phone; using a mobile phone as an alarm clock is not desirable because the phone is in close proximity to the head the entire night.

The Cancer Foundation also strongly advises people not to use a mobile phone in the car or train because the intensity of the signal from the antenna masts is stronger.

This is the first time the Belgian Foundation Against Cancer has openly advising people of the danger of using mobile telephones.


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That is what Verizon Wireless would like to see happen with the raising of a 100ft monopole cell tower in Paia right next to a church, school, and residential homes. What will happen to our property values? A well respected real estate broker, who has sold property on the north shore for over 20 years, shared, “The properties close to the cell phone tower in Haiku are harder to sell and people receive substantially less money for them.” What is the reason for this cell tower you ask? According to Verizon’s representatives, we need to have better cellular reception in the airport, in restaurants, in houses. Tourists are not getting the reception they are wanting and Verizon wants to make them happy. Will we, as residents, accept this? According to Paul Fitzgerald, an Electro-Magnetic Frequency Radiation Specialist and concerned Maui Resident, the health concerns of these towers are very real. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and FCC regulations deprive local municipalities of the power to regulate cellular tower sites on the basis of public health concerns. The TDMA frequency that these towers emit of 8.34 hertz corresponds to frequencies found in the human brain. The Dutch government sponsored experiments showing that people exposed to cell tower signals “experienced dizziness, nervousness, chest pain, shortness of breath, numbness and tingling, weakness, and difficulty concentrating.
Mr. Fitzgerald says, “I can show you over 500 pages of documented studies demonstrating negative health effects from cell towers and phones.” For example, four epidemiological studies of microwave and TV towers used as cell-tower proxies were conducted in Sydney, Honolulu and twice in the UK. All showed significantly higher leukemia rates in people living around transmission towers. The Sydney study found childhood leukemia at more than twice the expected rate. Dr. Hocking found children living near three broadcast towers have more than twice the rate of leukemia than children living more than seven miles away..
In New Zealand, cell phone towers are prohibited on school property because of possible health effects: learning disabilities, cancer, leukemia, DNA damage, etc. It is time to stand up as a community and figure out what is most important to us, cell phone reception inside restaurants, buildings, airports, etc. or protecting the health of our families and maintaining the values of our properties. Do we want these towers all over Maui? As a community, let’s discuss the many alternatives available. We are currently forming a coalition of concerned citizens. You can get in touch with Paul at 808.281.1016 or go to and subscribe for further information and to keep updated.

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