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Biopro Technology has recently evolved to Gia Wellness! Our Gia Wellness chip technology remains the same state-of-the-art, scientifically proven technology.

Do I need to do anything to the appliance before I apply The Gia Wellness Cell Guard chip?
1. Clean cell phone or other device with mild soap for best adhesion.
2. Peel off the paper on the back of the cell phone chip.
3. Place chip on front, side or back of phone or other device to a dry, flat surface, close to antenna, if possible. Complete Instructions will be included with your purchase order.

Can I move my Gia Wellness Cell Guard chip from one cell phone to another cell phone?

We do NOT recommend moving a cell phone chip from one phone to another unless it is the same make and model of the original cell phone that the chip was operating on. Different phones emit and receive different frequency ranges and therefore the chips cannot be transferred.

Will The Gia Wellness cell phone chip affect the signal strength of my phone?

NO! The Gia cell phone chip will NOT affect the signal strength of your cell phone.

Is The Gia cell phone chip water and heat resistant?

Yes, The Gia cell phone chip is water and heat resistant.

What is the difference between The Gia Wellness Cell Guard and the Universal Guard?

While both chips contain the same patented polymer material, there are key differences between the Cell Guard and The Universal Guard; The size of the chips, their shapes, their application and their packaging. The Cell Guard chip is packaged individually and in a 4 pack. The Cell Guard can be applied to a cell phone, hands-free headset, traditional headset (headphone), ear-piece or PDA, while the Universal Guard Chips come in packs of 2, 6 ,12 and can be applied to all larger appliances and devices such as computers, cordless phones, televisions and wireless routers. You will receive a placement chart and complete installation instructions with your purchase order.

If I use a hands-free headset, headphone or ear-piece, do I still need to put a Cell Guard chip on my phone?
Yes, we recommend placing a Cell Guard chip on your cell phone and hands-free device.
Place a Gia Wellness Cell Guard chip on your cell phone, ear-piece, traditional headset and PDA to help neutralize the potentially hazardous effects of harmful mobile phone radiation.

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