Cell Phones More Dangerous Than Cigarettes! Part 2


Obviously, exposure to ELF by cell phone use in the young might even pose a greater threat because the changes caused by such exposure might well be greater in the developing brain. However, it does not end there.
Other reports by Hardell et al indicate that the use of wireless handsets in cordless home phones poses the same risk as cell phones.

It should be true, if the forgoing findings are accurate, that there has been an increase in the incidence of brain tumors over the last 25 years or so. There are a number of published reports on the topic indicating a definite increase in the incidence of brain tumors, particularly malignant forms such as glioblastoma multiforme.

Although some studies indicate a stable tumor rate including during the years after cell phone introduction. An increase in nerve sheath tumors has also been reported. The statistical increase of tumors found in these studies are somewhat modified, in some authors’ opinions, because of the improved technology of diagnostic imaging, especially computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, both introduced and advanced in the same era. However, the fact is that the incidence of gliomas, especially the more malignant varieties, is increasing based on the now numerous reports warrants action on the issue.

Hardell and his colleagues, along with other scientists, have formed the Bioinitiative Working Group, which appears to be a spin-off of another group, the Bioelectromagnetics Society. The mission of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, as posted on their Web site, is to be the international resource for excellence in scientific research, knowledge, and understanding of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems.

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Cell Phone Rings Coming to Every Corner of National Parks Officials Invite Telecom Companies to Fill In Dead Zones Throughout Park System

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The National Park Service wants to know how the public feels about cell towers within the recreation area. Yeah right. Tell me another one. As I have pointed out many times in my blog anyone can be bought and unfortunately the National Park Service is proving this point. in Germany and Switzerland thousands and thousands of acres of deforestation occurred during the cold war. Researchers said it was due to acid rain, only one problem, no acid rain in those areas. HMMM. One researcher showed that radar weapons and frequencies from telecommunication systems similar to the current cell tower frequencies caused this problem. He said, the tree’s cell membranes would absorb the detrimental fields into their cells and slowly die no matter how how much nutrient rich food they had. I hope his theory is wrong folks. Also, people need to leave their cell phones at home sometimes. We do not need reception on every nook and craney of the earth. This is absurd and ridiculous. They, the scientists and researchers are also proving that these cell towers are extremely dangerous, if not deadly, to birds, widlife, etc… Way to go cell companies you are succeeding in deepening your pockets and at the same time speedng up the destruction of our natural ecosystems.

Cell Phone Rings Coming to Every Corner of National Parks; Officials Invite Telecom Companies to Fill In Dead Zones Throughout Park System


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Anti-Radiation Air-tube Headset

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photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com When the people lead, the leaders will follow! I don’t think it can be said any better than that in this case in San Francisco of winning an opposition against a cell phone tower site. They fought a well prepared battle proving the providers coverage was already adequate, the fear of health risks, the towers would be near a residential area and more. Please take some time and read on about how this county in San Francisco sent the cell towers running. SNAFU/Success_Upper Fillmore


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Thermographic Imaging pictures shows:
Dangerous Radiation:

Your head and brain heat up significantly when you talk on your cell phone or cordless phone. Want proof? After 15 minutes of using a cell phone, the orange, red and pink show significant dangerous heat! Most heat is generated in your ear canal, which is directly connected to your brain!

After 15 minutes of using a cell-phone with the BIOPRO Harmonization Chips applied to it, the green and blue color show cool tissue! Your head’s temperature remains normal, providing you with the protection you deserve!
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Cell Towers Are Cash Cows and Big Business!

Want to see a beautiful cell phone tower out your window? Union Site Management would love to accommodate you and purchase an easement from you at the same time by compensating you well. How does that sound? How much do you get you ask? If you are asking that question I feel for you. How much disease are you going to get is a more appropriate question. Cell towers put out many different frequencies that we have not yet begun to understand how they influence the human body at this time. One frequency is Time Division Multiple Access that is the same frequency as our alpha brain wave frequencies. When these frequencies interact with our bio-fields they can open up our blood brain barrier and allow toxins and proteins to enter our brain that normally would not be able to. A German scientist figured out that certain cell phone tower frequencies are able to put out damaging signals to trees so they are not able to uptake vital nutrients and will eventually die. What will that do for Global Warming! I ask you to stand up against companies like Unison Site Management! The shareholders of these companies are not interested in the health of our communities. They are interested in the almighty dollar. Read about what they plan for the future and do your best to put a stop to it. Communities are able to ban togethor and put a stop to easments that can be harmful to the health and well being in their communites.
UNISON Site Management : Welcome

Russian Cell Phone Standards

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I was disturbed, but not surprised, to read a report by the Russian National Committee on Protection from Non-ionizing Radiation. The scientist who wrote this report stated his opinion of U.S. polices regarding EMF regulation “The U.S. standards and those proposed by WHO are 100 times more lenient, depending upon frequency range, than the Russian standards, which are based on the observed biological effects of chronic EM (electro-magnetic) exposures.” The report also gave a formal opinion to WHO, the World Health Organization, representing the Russian Policy.

To read this article in full see Russian Report