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Cell phones were not tested for health and safety effects prior to their 1984 entry in the market. Once a cancer victim who believed the cancer was caused by cell phones attempted to sue the cell phone industry, in 1993 a $25 million research and surveillance program was developed and funded by the cell phone industry. Dr. George Carlo lead this effort that by 2001 showed red flags of warning that cell phone radiation could lead to the development of brain tumors, other cancers, or other adverse health effects. Research, funded primarily by the cell phone industry, is ongoing. http://www.centerforsaferwireless.org/Cell-Phones.php

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website states, “The scientific evidence does not show a danger to any users of cell phones from radiofrequency radiation exposure, including children and teenagers… But more research is needed”, we don’t know whether cell phones will cause health abnormalities over the long-term. Fourteen research studies covering 10 years or longer shows an increase risk of developing a glioma or acoustic neuroma on the same side of the head as a cell phone is used.

With 4 billion cell phone users across the world and beginning evidence of long-term health effects, the Center for Safer Wireless recommends taking precautions when using a cell phone.

Neurosurgeons and epidemiologists share their observations about brain tumors and children in the video vault of this website.

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Radiation is energy in motion radiating away from its source. This form of energy is expressed as wavelengths along the electromagnetic spectrum. With visible light dividing them, radiation is broken down into ionizing and nonionizing radiation.

Ionizing vs. Nonionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation has short wavelengths that have enough power to knock neutrons off their nuclear orbits and can cause permanent damage on the cellular level such as genetic mutations and cancer.

Nonionizing radiation has longer wavelengths with generally less power. Wireless technology operates by using radiofrequency radiation which is nonionizing radiation. Radiofrequency radiation, also known as microwave radiation, uses nonthermal levels of radiation, which do not heat living tissue. Common wireless products run on radiofrequency radiation. http://www.centerforsaferwireless.org/Forms-of-Radiation.php

Thermal levels of radiation heat living tissue and cause harmful biological effects. Wireless safety standards are based on the technology using nonthermal levels, thought to be safe because it doesn’t heat tissue.

Some scientists point to research indicating biological changes in DNA, leakage in the blood brain barrier, and other reported health effects from exposure to radiofrequency radiation. These scientists are calling for biologically-based safety standards for wireless technology.

This graph depicts the electromagnetic spectrum with both frequencies and wavelengths associated with products and technology.

Wireless Products Operate at the Microwave Level

Cell phones, cordless phones, pagers, radar, wireless Internet, and satellite communications function by using different radiofrequencies at the microwave level. A microwave oven may come to your mind when you read the term microwave. Microwaves used in wireless signaling are different from microwave ovens due to frequency, power, and heat. Cell phones operate at 750 to 950 MHz (mega hertz) while microwave ovens function at 2450 MHz. Microwave ovens obviously generate heat while wireless products don’t. Basically, microwave ovens use high frequency and high power, and cell phones use high frequency and low power.

How is a Radio Wave Different from a Microwave?

Radio waves are low levels of transmission power enabling signals to and from your cell phone. These non-ionizing frequencies in the few hundered MHz range are safe. But when the signal strength grows to 800 MHz and higher, these waves become microwaves. The older cordless house and office phones were a few hundred MHz of radio waves, but the more you moved from the base, the weaker the signal. You would soon lose the call, or it would break up. Today cordless phones are 900 MHz and higher so that you don’t lose calls when moving from room to room, and you can even go outside. These phone operate in the microwaves/infrared waves of radiating power.

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Over 77 International Schools Ban together to Stop Cell Towers

Are Cell Phone Towers Safe? You only have to look internationally to figure this one out. This question will become clear in the near future but for the meantime read this article so you can be ahead of the game and put a stop to the mass placement of cell phone towers around the world. This is scary folks. Our world is going to be covered with invisible electric smog. I urge you to read article and take note of the pictures so you can see where they are placing the towers. In this article they talk about how children at ages below 5 are getting and dying from cancer and other diseases. They list the areas of the schools that are fighting to put a stop to the cell phone towers.
Inform yourself.

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