Research regarding what kind of food one should consume or avoid to help treat the condition?

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I would say that eating a wide range of natural organic foods including lots of fruits and vegetables high in natural antioxidants plus good sources of natural organic protein to supply the amino acids needed to repair the damage are necessary to maintain one’s health in this electrosmog environment. Also staying away from all kinds of inorganic – especially GM –foods, chemical additives, preservatives, etc. should be helpful.

Why did you move from Japan to China?

I had eventually found a log house up in the mountains of Saga Prefecture, Japan where there was no cell-phone or TV reception. Originally we decided to just stay up there for three days to see how I felt. I would say that 50% of my symptoms disappeared in the first 24 hours. We ended up staying there for four months and at that point I would say that I was approximately 85% recovered. However, it took two months to get off the sleeping pills. Fortunately, this place was also close to Dr. Yayama’s clinic so I was also making quite regular visits to see him.

As I started to heal, my body also started to become extremely sensitive to EMR especially microwave radiation. We would be driving down the road and before we could even see a cell-phone tower, I was able to actually feel it. I started to also become sensitive to radiation from cell phones. If someone were to make a cell-phone call near me, it would make me really sick. Once we went to this cafe way up in the mountains and the only other customers were a bunch of farmers. I was telling my wife how it felt pretty good there, when this woman walked in. I immediately said to my wife that she had a cell phone. At that point, she whipped it out of her bag and started yakking on it. Later we checked and she was in fact the only person in this cafe to have a cell phone.

At any rate, I finally realized that I could not stay in this log house forever and when I felt that I was healthy enough to travel, I took off on a trip looking for a new place to live. I finally chose Yunnan Province in China. The air is relatively clean and the weather is quite pleasant. However, the Chinese people are completely addicted to their cell phones, so I see this as only a temporary place to live. So while it is still radiated here, it is much better than Japan, which must be one of the most electropolluted countries in the world.

When did you learn about the adverse health effects caused by microwave technology?

I had been sick and searching for answers for about six months and trying all kinds of treatments (e.g. Vitamin C and Salt, Whey Powder, etc.). I had finally read of an account of a person with CFS/ME and Crohn’s Disease who had been keeping a journal on a website of his ordeal. His last entry stated that when he had moved to his parent’s house in the French countryside, all his symptoms had disappeared and that the cause of his problems had been extremely high levels of ambient electromagnetic radiation in his apartment in a European city where he had been living. Around this time, I had also gone to visit an alternative Japanese doctor by the name of Dr. Yayama in Yamato City in Saga Prefecture. I was surprised to see that in his pamphlet it clearly stated that disease was caused by five factors: (1) one’s genes, (2) metal toxicity, (3) chemical toxicity, (4) pathogens, and yes (5) exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). On the ride home from his office that day, I suddenly noticed the microwave towers all over the place.

A search on the Internet showed that the symptoms and abnormalities found in Microwave Sickness are remarkably identical to those found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I also noticed that I felt better at night (when people are not using their cell phones) as the majority of people with CFS/ME do. Additionally, I noticed that I would get these indescribable anxiety attacks at specific times of the day, which I was able to correlate with peak cell-phone usage time in Japan. Finally, I had noticed that in going to specific places that I would feel much better. I later realized that this was indeed because these places had less of this electrosmog. There is even a Yahoo Group called CFS/ME/CFIDS: Feel Great Destinations, formed by people who have found that when they leave a Western country to some third-world country, that their CFS symptoms disappear.

Cell Phones More Dangerous Than Cigarettes! Part 3

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The Bioinitiative Group has produced a report called: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF ((Radio Frequency))). In that report, evidence for childhood leukemia caused by exposure to power lines is addressed as well as the issue of gliomas and acoustic neuromas caused by cell phone and cordless phone use. They state, In summary we conclude that our review yielded a consistent pattern of an increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma after 10 (or more) years mobile phone use. We conclude that (the) current
standard for exposure to microwaves during mobile phone use is not safe for long-term brain tumor risk and needs to be revised.

The report further states, The existing FCC and international limits for public and occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation are not protective of public health. New biologically based public and occupational exposures are recommended to address bioeffects and potential adverse health effects of chronic exposure. These effects are now widely reported to occur at exposure levels
significantly below most current national and international limits.

It therefore behests our scientific societies to address this issue. There is one caveat; that is, only one group, Hardell et al, have carried out actual studies pertaining to the issue and found a clear relationship between brain tumors and ELF. No other long-term studies have been carried out; Dr Khurana’s warning is based on a review of literature only. It seems that a cooperative effort by both the scientific community and state governing bodies will be needed. Some spearhead is now necessary in view of the magnitude and seriousness of the situation.

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Cardiac problems can also trigger kidney destruction, study finds

Martin Weatherall’s Letter to Daily Planet Regarding Wireless Dangers

Mast-victims talked to Dr Goldsworthy at the Radiation Research Conference in London and he gave a brilliant interview where he explains how weak electromagnetic fields damage living cells.

Click the source link at the bottom to go to the “resources” section and listen to the interview.

About Dr. Goldsworthy:

Andrew Goldsworthy is an Honorary Lecturer in Biology at Imperial College London. He retired from full time teaching in 2004 but still gives occasional lectures there in specialist subjects such as food irradiation and the (exorbitant) energy cost of modern food production.

He was born just before the Second World War and, after a grammar school education in Wales, obtained a First Class Honours Degree in Botany, followed by a PhD at the University College of Swansea. He then took a lecturing post at Imperial College London where, apart from a short secondment to work in agricultural research and a sabbatical in the USA, he has been ever since.

At Imperial, he acquired a reputation among students for explaining complex subjects in simple terms, for ‘out of the box’ thinking, and for spicing his courses with unusual lectures such as those on space biology and the scientific basis of acupuncture.

Cell phones as bad as x-rays

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Would you allow 1600 chest x-rays for yourself or your child?
Some scientists say that’s what 24 hours of cell phone use amounts to. Here’s visual proof.

Slide one (top left) shows a normal healthy cell under magnification. This cell is a bright energetic little orb with its DNA and other genetic materials safely inside the cell membrane.

Slide two (top right) shows a living cell exposed to 1600 chest X-rays. This cell is shrunken and has lost its energetic brightness. There is a comet trail of fragmented DNA particles, visible streaming out of the cell. These DNA fragments are called micronuclei, typical mutations from excessive X-rays, or from gamma waves of nuclear detonation.

Slide three (bottom) shows a cell exposed to 24 hours of cell phone radiation. Its comet tail of micronuclei damage is virtually identical to that of 1600 chest x-rays.

The frequency used was 1.8 gigahertz (1800 megahertz), typical cell phone frequencies are around 1.9 gigahertz (and also from many household cordless phones).

The power level used to micronucleate this photograph was 1.3 W/k Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). SAR is the calculated amount of energy absorbed by the human body from microwave phones. Many cell phones produce MORE power than that.

KIDS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED CELL PHONES. Instead, they live with them like a second appendage.
Yet, by 2010 there will be 31 million young cell phone users, 10.5 million of them pre-teens.(1) “Parents have made teens and their younger 8-12 year old siblings the fastest growing segment of the cell phone market,” says Yankee Group, a consulting firm which promotes all things wireless.(2) In 2007, a Harris Interactive survey reported that American kids age 10-17 admit to using a cell phone an average of up to 3.75 hours per day.(3) A teen boasting five or more hours per day is not uncommon.

As heavy users of wireless, these millions of idle, entertainment-starved kids are among the radiation industry’s most lucrative cash cows. But getting milked at an early age should garner hazard pay, according to thousands of scientific studies compiled over decades. There is ample evidence that kids who continually irradiate themselves with pulsing, ELF-embedded microwaves from wireless devices are being set up for general health degradation, severe nerve damage, mental incapacitation and life threatening tumors.

Cell phone warnings from all over the world
“I would not want to be a heavy user of a mobile phone,” says Professor Bruce Armstrong, researcher at the University of Sydney School of Public Health. Heading the Australian component of the multi-nation Interphone study project, Armstrong told the media in April, 2008, that evidence of a mobile phone connection with harmful effects, including tumors, is accumulating.(4)
For kids, this is bad news. In 2005, the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics confirmed that children are especially sensitive to all electromagnetic fields because their developing nervous systems are fragile, their brain tissues more conductive and their smaller skeletons more easily penetrated by the waves.(5)

Russian scientists responsible for public health have issued an urgent warning about wireless health damage, recommending that children under 18 limit the use of cell phones to emergency calls only.(6)
The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection says that we may expect kids who use cell phones to suffer not only brain tumors and dementia, but also increased epileptic readiness and depressive mental illness.(47)
British and Austrian health officials warn that kids may be especially susceptible to serious health problems from wireless devices.(7) Canadian officials say that children should limit cell phone use until health science catches up with technology.(8) The French health minister advised in January, 2008, that kids be allowed no more than 6 wireless minutes at any one time.(9) (Cleanup workers at Chernobyl were limited to a few minutes in nuclear radiation areas).
Yet, not a single U.S. health agency is warning about the horrific risks to kids. Which is ironic, since American kids have the most WiFi gadgets. It’s supposed to be “cool” but actually they are getting pretty hot to fried with this stuff. Wireless radiation guarantees major disruption in the chemical communication pathways between all the cells of the body and that’s been known since WW2.(10)
Because the wireless industry controls the mainstream media with $billions in advertising, there is a conspicuous media blackout of important radiation science coming from labs all over the world. Here’s what you are NOT being told:
1. Microwave phones can make kids hearing-impaired. According to research presented in 2007 by the American Academy of Otolaryngology, cell phone radiation incrementally damages the inner ear, causing high frequency hearing loss. Those who talk an hour a day or more, sustain the most damage.(11) Youthful cell phone habituates will suffer major and irreversible hearing damage by the time they reach young adulthood.
2. Microwave phones can make kids vision-impaired. Microwaves cause eye lens opacity similar to cataracts. In the 1970s, researcher Milton Zaret demonstrated that weak microwave fields cause debilitating subcapsular eye lesions, sometimes years after exposure.(12) Israeli researchers have confirmed that microwaves at cell phone intensities cause macro and micro damage to the entire visual system, including tiny bubbles that can form on the eye lens.(13) Dr. Om Gandhi at the University of Utah reported that the eye lens of a 10 year old child will absorb five times more cell phone radiation than an adult eye.(14) Metal-rimmed eyeglasses can absorb microwaves, then re-emit that radiation onto the eye surface.(15)
This is like micro-cooking a child’s eyes.
3. Microwave phones can make kids brain-impaired. Brain scans show that microwave phone radiation penetrates deeply into a child’s brain.(16) Within minutes, cell phone microwaves can open the blood brain barrier, allowing albumin and other chemicals from tiny blood vessels to leak into sensitive brain tissues. This leakage causes irreversible oxidative stress and nerve tissue damage.(17) Brain hormones, including melatonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and thyroid stimulating hormone are disrupted by phone microwaves.(18)
4. Microwave phones highly elevate a child’s cancer risk. In late 2007, Israeli experts announced that talking as little as 10 minutes on a cell phone triggers changes in brain tissues linked to abnormal cell division and cancer.(19) Phone microwaves are implicated in both eye and salivary gland tumors.(20) In 2006, studies by three European research groups reported an increased incidence of brain tumors in people who have used mobile phones for ten years or more. After 2000 hours of microwave phone exposure, kids face a 240 percent increased risk of developing brain malignancy.(21) If the 1.75 million 8 and 9 year olds who now use cell phones average only half an hour a day, they will be at high risk for radiation cancer in their teen years. Cancer is the number two cause of death for American children.

No sane parent would submit his child to 1600 chest X-rays over a 24 hour period. Yet a mere 24 hours of wireless phone radiation can inflict the same damage to a child’s tissues as 1600 chest X-rays. This is the crux of studies completed by 12 groups of researchers from seven European countries who collaborated in the REFLEX study project to gauge the effects of wireless radiation on human health. The truth of what they found is shown in a series of images above (22).
The U.S. government allowed wireless phones to be put on the market in the 1980s with absolutely no safety testing.
The truth is that tissue damage from wireless microwave radiation is known to be as cumulative as that from ionizing X-radiation. If we divide the tissue damage of 1600 chest X-rays by 24 cell phone hours, you could argue the following:
For each minute a child presses a microwave phone to his head, he may suffer radiation damage equivalent to approximately 1.1 chest X-rays.
For each hour a child uses a transmitting wireless phone or wireless laptop to communicate, watch videos/TV or play games, he may be exposing his developing brain, eye and gut tissues to radiation damage equivalent to 66.6 chest X-rays.
Ionizing X-radiation, like that used for chest X-rays and other medical procedures, is on carcinogen “List One,” compiled by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). IARC is an intergovernmental agency forming part of the World Health Organization. IARC ranks X-radiation on par with gamma radiation, plutonium, dioxin and benzene, all known to induce cancer in both animals and humans. There is no “safe” dose determined for any substance or exposure on IARC’s List One.
It’s sobering that microwave radiation, blasting from an entire generation’s wireless phones, inflicts the same kind of DNA damage as ionizing radiation on IARC’s carcinogen List One. What REFLEX studies prove is how quickly that devastating damage takes place.

The public health catastrophe being unleashed by indiscriminate use of wireless phones is further brought into focus by a double-blind medical study completed in India in 2005 and published in the Indian Journal of Human Genetics.(23)
The study analyzed micronucleated cell damage in blood and buccal (mouth) tissues of people who use their cell phone one to 15 hours a day. The control group had never used cell phones at any time. DNA samples were coded and scored blind in strict protocol.
The test results of the “Indian study” are as stunning as the REFLEX work. The non cell phone users had an average of only four percent of their cells with DNA damage. The human body has a chance of meeting this moderate cellular reconstruction challenge, although every DNA repair operation carries with it a chance of error.
A whopping average of 39.75 percent of cells taken from mobile phone users showed DNA damage. The blood of one 24-year-old male revealed 63 percent micronucleated cells. He had used a cell phone for 1-2 hours per day for two years, the norm for millions of kids.
The Indian study confirms that the human body, overwhelmed with the continual and brutal assault of wireless radiation, is unable to perform normal cellular repair. Other studies confirm that microwave radiation, which causes a critical need for continual cellular repair, simultaneously shuts down cellular repair mechanisms.(24) The body’s exhausted immune and repair systems eventually become too decimated to do much more than survive poorly.
So the latest studies reveal what no one wants to hear: Kids who endlessly cell-phone socialize, even sleep with perpetually transmitting wireless devices (to keep intermittent conversations on line), are doing immense damage to their tissues, especially the brain and setting up a storm of problems which they will reap in later life. The profiteers or corporate America don’t care. They want their money NOW; to Hell with the future of these kids.
Radiation researcher Dr. Milton Zaret told congressional investigators years ago that the dangers of non-ionizing radiation cannot be overstated because “most non-ionizing radiational injuries occur covertly, usually do not become manifest until after latent periods of years, and when they do become manifest, the effects are seldom recognized.”(25)
The hundreds of types of human cancers have one thing in common—they all begin at the cellular level when genetic material in one or more cells becomes damaged. This damage can be passed from parents, or caused by the effects of an environmental carcinogen. “…Genetic mutations in one single cell are sufficient to lead to cancer,” says Dr. Henry Lai. Dr. Lai is a celebrated scientist at the University of Washington who has years of genetic and bioenergetics research to his credit.(26)
But long before epidemic cancers, young cell-phone users are destined to suffer the symptoms of neurasthenia, or what the Soviets used to call “radiowave sickness.” The symptoms include headache, fatigue, skin rashes, weakness, tinnitus, dizziness, moodiness and sleeplessness. These warning signs are just the beginning of a long, downward spiral of general deterioration, including circulatory ailments, immune dysfunction, allergies and premature aging.
Immune System Dysfunction.
A child’s body, kept in chronic allergic stress by wireless phone radiation, may end up with an exhausted immune system which no longer responds effectively. European experts prognosticate that many people heavily exposed to wireless radiation may eventually suffer the manifestations of electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).(34) EHS is a devastating allergic, auto-immune-like condition in which over-irradiated persons become severely sensitive to both chemical and electromagnetic pollution. Similar to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, EHS symptoms can be so disabling that victims are often forced to isolate themselves from even the smallest electromagnetic fields.
Within two minutes of microwave phone exposure, the electrical activity of a child’s brain is abnormally altered for up to one hour.(39) British radiation expert Dr. Gerald Hyland reported that cell phones which use repetitive, pulsing 2 Hz and 8.34 Hz frequencies can badly disrupt the delta and alpha stabilization process in a child’s developing brain.(40)
Dr. Hyland confirmed that cell phone energy can cause radical changes in human mood and behavior.(41) This is the case because microwaves at cell phone levels can unleash a cornucopia of radical damage to all parts of the brain, including the cortex, the hippocampus (memory center) and the basal ganglia. To wit:
Scientists have demonstrated that cell phone radiation causes immediate blood flow changes in the brain, and also deregulates calcium efflux from brain cells, causing cell membranes to weaken and leak.(42)
Researchers in Finland have shown that one hour of cell phone radiation causes brain cells to shrink, indicating permanent damage to cell structure as confirmed by REFLEX studies.(43)
The Max Planck Institute in Germany reported that cell phones can blast heat spikes into the brain which may flash burn cell membranes to the boiling point of water. (44)
British researchers have shown that weak microwave radiation can change the shape of brain proteins into formations resembling pathological fibrils associated with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. (45)
Swedish scientists demonstrated that cell phone radiation makes holes (lesions) in rat brains and they predict a wave of early-onset Alzheimer’s in young cell phone users. (46)
And what about environmental microwave transmitters?
Millions of American kids, struggling with physical disabilities and mental manias, are heavily irradiated not only with Wi-toys, but also by ubiquitous environmental transmitters needed to feed those toys. Nearly 200,000 cell tower and roof top transmitters continuously saturate American cities, playgrounds and passing vehicles with DNA-damaging waves equivalent to ionizing radiation. Living in transmitter-zapped neighborhoods where microwaves pass easily into homes, millions of infants and small kids have no respite from daily, deadly radiation assault.
Unregulated Wi-Fi systems, wireless local area network routers, security monitors, cordless phone systems and other types of wireless transmitters X-ray the interiors of malls, airports, offices, schools, hospitals and millions of homes 24/7. Many commercial and retail enterprises are switching to wireless inventory systems. These and retail inter-personnel push-to-talk radio systems literally “cook” stores and malls where kids congregate.
Many public transport systems are being wired for Wi-Fi. Soon, commercial aircraft will offer Wi-Fi computer services, compelling all passengers to absorb the toxic rays of mid-flight entertainment. Many vehicles are wired with GPS navigation and/or tracking systems. These rolling hotspots zap not only passengers, but people passing by.
The federal government has never developed adequate safety standards for long-term environmental exposure to this barrage of wireless radiation. U.S. standards are antiquated and calculated for short term exposure only. In 2002, the EPA’s Radiation Protection Division confirmed that the FCC’s current exposure guidelines are thermally (burn) based and do not apply to chronic exposure of non-thermal wireless pollution which now enshrouds the nation.(48)

In 2007, 14 world-class public health experts and radiation researchers announced in their BioInitiative Report on Electromagnetic Radiation that current public microwave exposure standards are thousands of times TOO LENIENT. Having compiled the weight of evidence from thousands of studies, these experts conclude that current exposure standards must be drastically revised because they are absolutely NOT protective of the public health.(49)

You’d better do something for yourselves, or you and your kids will literally fry.
Call me a technophobe (one correspondent did!) but DON’T FALL FOR THE OFFICIAL LIES, INCOMPETENCE AND DECEIT!

Find out how many transmitter antennas are near you: go here and type in your zip code

Thanks to Amy Worhthington for doing all the heavy lifting work in compiling this, from a piece in the Idaho Observer.

Educational Cell Phone Ebook

Omega-News: Cell phone base stations change brain currents and cause unwellness!!!

Image Hosted by UNWELLNESS! is an understatement. Cell phone base stations change brain waves? Huh, what, did you say? We want our wireless phones, computers and other handy gadgets but at what cost will this be in the future? Let’s read some of the results of this study of brainwaves in Austria. Brainwaves, measured by EEG, changed significantly. Afterwards the subjects were asked to describe their experiences. All of them felt unwell during the second phase. They reported symptoms like buzzing in the head, palpitations of the heart, unwellness, lightheadedness, anxiety, breathlessness, respiratory problems, nervousness, agitation, headache, tinnitus, heat sensation and depression. According to the scientists, this is the first worldwide proof of significant changes of the electrical currents in the brain by a cell phone base station at a distance of 80 metres. It has been scientifically established before that the radiation of cell phone base stations leads to unwellness and health complaints. Get one of those cell towers in my back yard! I THINK NOT!
Omega-News: Cell phone base stations change brain currents and cause unwellness

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I think I have heard it all now. If you read my recent article Cell Phone Towers Are Cash Cows and Big Business. This article is for you. Cell Tower Lease Consulting and Due Diligence if they haven’t thought of everything. Researching the internet is an eye opening experience you can find a little of everything. If you have a cell tower lease or don’t have one yet and want to due your due diligence these are the guys for you or so the say. What I would say is if you have a cell tower that you have purchased or one in your area have these guys help you renegotiate your way out of your lease.
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Are there more reasons than we know about why cell towers are being placed around the world?

Cell Phone Towers are appearing across the globe in droves and droves. Are these towers safe? Have they been tested for safety? Why can you hold a flourescent light tube up to them without them being connected to anything and have the tube light up? Leukemia, cancer, neurological diseases these are all concerns of the past 25 years over power lines. Court cases have been fought over the topic of telephone power lines strung throughout the atmosphere. Neighborhoods have banded togethor to prevent the placing of these power lines and towers. What does the future hold for us when the world becomes wirless and these new, non-tested towers appear across the globe? Are we going to need to protect ourselves? Are we going to be able to? This article below shows pictures of various cell phone towers and ways they are being used as weapons and how to protect yourself from them.
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