Symptoms of EHS Electrical Sensitivity and Hypersensitivity

EHS Electrical Sensitivity, Hypersensitivity

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Try the questionnaire at the end which includes most of the symptoms experienced by people with electrical hypersensitivity.

Tips for avoiding electrical hypersensitivity

Reduction of exposure in the house

There are two main sources of EMFs inside the home. The house wiring, and electrical appliances. Check your house wiring to ensure that field levels where you sleep and sit for extended periods, the two places where your biological systems are at their most vulnerable, are low.

Check the levels from all electrical appliance, especially near the bed and those which have a motor and heater. If you are unsure keep all electrical appliances at least a meter away from your pillow (including un-earthed bedside lights), clock radios, TVs, etc. Cordless phones and mobile phones should not be in the bedroom as they both give off high fields. Cordless phones emit microwave radiation all the time, mobile phones emit at maximum strength intermittently when on standby, and the re-charging unit gives off power-frequency fields as well.

Do not use an induction hob in the kitchen, and keep your distance from all electrical appliances when in use, especially if you are pregnant, are attempting to conceive (men and women) or if you have a compromised immune system due to ill-health or age.

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