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Four final year information technology students of Xavier’s Institute of Technology, Mahim, have taken up the task of creating awareness about the implications of mobile tower radiation emission among city’s college students. From forums on social networking sites and blogs, to college

festivals and seminars, the students want to build pressure on the union government to take cognisance of the hazards of suspected high levels of radiation emitted by mobile towers.
Kanica Jain, 21, along with her classmates Sasha Sequeira, 21, Nileema Lobo, 21, and Jaysel Meledath, 21, began their research on mobile tower radiation six months ago. After receiving complaints from students and faculty members about headaches, dizziness and nausea, the students launched the campaign, ‘The Radiation Zone — Red, Yellow n Green’.

“Students working in the laboratory complained of uneasiness. After studying theory papers and discussing the topic with experts, we concluded that the health hazards were an effect of exposure to mobile tower radiation,” said Lobo.

“What began as a college project soon turned into a campaign, because everyone in the city is vulnerable to the hazards that could be posed by high radiation,” said Meledath, a resident of Andheri. “In my locality, residents that have mobile towers fixed on their terrace continue to be apathetic because of the high monthly rents that the mobile operators pay,” he added.

“We need to work out alternatives to deal with the problem. The first step has to be reduction in the permissible limit for mobile tower radiation emission, which is 450 milliwatts/square metre at present,” said Sequeira.

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