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At present the scientific establishment acknowledges mainly biological effects of HF radiation, which can be explained through power density levels absorbed by the human body. A worldwide recognized, basic unit for the description of thermal effects is referred to as the specific absorption rate (SAR), which is given in watt per kilogram (W/kg). The SAR, however, only quantifies the portion of the HF energy that was absorbed as thermal energy. In 1990, IEEE 54 animal and cell research detected adverse biological effects at 4W/kg. Adopting a safety factor of 50, the SAR level has been set to 0.8W/kg average over the entire body for periods of 15-30minutes. However, since cell phone users only partially expose their body – the level for mobile phones was set 20 times higher than this, or 1.6W/kg.

In tissues, well supplied with blood, the body temperature is raised on average by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius at 100,000,000 W/cm 2, in tissues with poor blood circulation much lower power intensities can cause heating. Since the human eye has a particularly poor blood supply, damage can be expected at intensities as low as 100,000 to 500,000 W/m2. In animal experiments it could be demonstrated that under microwave exposure of 1,000,000 W/m2.

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