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Ten.) POLICE RADIOS – peace officers now have antennas on their microphones, also have an identical risk to that of cell telephone users since the antenna is found close to the head. There’s also radiation from the antennas on their automobiles, too. Eleven). WALKIE-TALKIE TYPE RADIOS – In decades past, business radios operated in the lower VHF band. These were known as business band radios, and are still in use today. No known unwell effects are known to have originated from these radios. Today’s family channel radios operate in the 400Mhz UHF band, near Television channel fourteen. Twelve) Doorway OPENERS – Frequently employed in grocery and cut price stores, these open the doorway when you pass under a microwave motion detector. You pass at once under the unit when you enter or exit the store, receiving more microwave radiation.

Thirteen.) SECURITY FOR STORES – employed in WalMart, video rental and other stores, these exit portals generate an RF field you are compelled to walk thru on entering and exiting the store.The square “Be Kind Please Rewind” tag is frequently a tuned published circuit behind the label, that might trigger the safety system when passed thru a portal at the exit. Libraries employ a terribly similar system with thin resonanting devices slipped into the backbone of books. These systems operate in the lower microwave band, permitting the employment of tiny coils ( or no coils at all ) thanks to the high frequencies employed.

Fourteen. CELL TOWERS – Last but not least, cell tower antennas which operate at power levels of ten watts FOR EACH ANTENNA on the tower. Some use higher wattage than that. These directional antennas divide a geographical area into cells of service. There are a few more toys, products and devices too many to say here. We are dunked in a virtual ocean of RF energy, with cell towers as one of the strongest continuing sources of RF energy.

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