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Nine.) SATELLITES – Walk outside, anywhere, and you’ll be inundated with RF from satellites, both civilian and army. If you might visibly “see” these sources, you would see points of “light” from the 22,500 mile high Clarke belt of still satellites. This belt of satellites rise from the western horizon and arcs across the sky to the east. There also will be loads of moving lights in the sky from lower geosynchronous orbits. A number of these are also satellites the army uses that send signals to earth, too. Many army satellites have high-powered optical sensors, with great telephoto lenses that watch everything from orbit.

These satellites orbit about two hundred miles up and in contrast to public belief, can basically read a paper title from orbit. The portrayal of distant fuzzy pictures as seen in “Patriot Games” is some distance from the truth. And these satellites bombard the earth with additional RF radiation as they send their information to earth.

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