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One) CELL Telephones – Here the antenna is extremely near to the brain, and many studies have been done on this. Current studies done in Europe show that growths can be prompted in rats, which are exposed to the same power levels and distances that ordinary cell telephone users are from the telephone’s antenna.

Two) CORDLESS Telephones – in truth, these are as negative as cell telephones because they operate close to the microwave frequencies of cell telephones ( microwave. ) in many ways, they may be worse than cell telephones because many folks spend more time on these.

Three) GARAGE DOOR OPENERS – A source of radiation when the button is pressed.

Four.) WIRELESS PDAs and NOTEBOOK PCs – These work much like cell telephones, with the same potential effects.

Five). MICROWAVE ALARM SYSTEM SENSORS – This is one area no-one talks about. These are common in houses and companies. Though the power level is in the microwatt realm, one may sit exposed to it all day, each day, sometimes only a couple of feet away. Again, mull it over re exposure time vs. Energy levels.

Six) BLUE TOOTH WIRELESS DEVICES – Operate in the lower microwave area.

Seven) WIRELESS VIDEO CAMERAS – Operate in the microwave area above analog cell telephones.

Eight). Television EXTENDERS – Used to broadcast video and sound without wires from one room to another in a home. These also operate in the microwave area above analog cell telephones.

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