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The focus on mobile phones has distracted attention from the cordless phone, which has insinuated itself into positions where they could cause the most harm. Cordless phones are typically placed on the desktop or at the bedside, where people are maximally exposed to radiation intensities hundreds and thousands of times stronger than those from nearby cell phone transmitters sufficient to cause cancers. And they are emitting continuously 24 hours a day. Anecdotal evidence has been emerging of people suffering illnesses such as chronic fatigue and sleep disturbance [19], which are very similar to those from mobile phones. An experiment carried out at Landau University in Germany showed that bees failed to return to the hives when cordless phone base stations are placed in them [7].
Experts demand health warning on cordless phones

The current digital enhanced cordless telephone (DECT) sold in Europe consists of one or more handsets that communicate with a base station via radio waves in the microwave range. The base station emits (broadcasts) microwave radiation at full power pulses100 times a second as long as it is plugged into the wall socket. There have been calls for health warning on DECTs [19, 20], if not an outright ban (see later).

DECTs or similar phones are now widely used throughout the world. Independent measurements have been carried out on the power of the microwaves emitted, the most thorough by Thomas Haumann (Umweltanlaytik und Baubiologie, Essen, Germany) and Peter Sierck (Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc., Encinatas, California, USA) in 2002 [21] They found a maximum power density of over 600 000 mW/m2 at the normal distance of 1 foot (0.3 m) if the base station is placed on an office desk or bedside table. The peak radiation values in the same room are higher than those from any mobile phone transmitters that are located near residential buildings. The background level (in the absence of the DECT base station) was <0.3 mW/m2.

The DFHSS (Digital Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) phone sold in the US was almost identical to the DECT in Europe. Both are pulsed at 100 Hz. The DFHSS runs on the frequency range of 2 450 MHz and DECT on 1 880 MHz.

The detailed measurements on the DFHSS base station are comparable to those made on DECT base stations in Germany in 1996.

The maximum power density levels in the entire house were also quite high , compared with radiation levels in homes near mobile phone transmission towers, about 10-1 000mW/m2 measured in the UK [23].

These power density levels are legal and considered ‘safe’, according to current regulatory guidelines, which are 10 000 to over 1,000,000 times those recommended by expert bodies on the basis of studies demonstrating biological effects at power densities orders or magnitude below the legal limits.

Many European physicians, environmental professionals and toxicologists signed a Resolution calling for the immediate stop of the DECT technology, which was delivered to the Germany Environment Minister Mr. Jurgen Trittin in October 1999 [24].

DECT microwaves are potentially more harmful than those of other wireless technologies because the microwaves are delivered at maximum power density all the time, even when the phone is not in use; it is pulsed at 100 Hz well within the range of typical biochemical rhythms within the body, and users are typically exposed at maximum levels either throughout their working day or during their sleep. Chronic exposure to such a powerful, pulsed form of the radiation from DECT base stations is more harmful than either acute exposure or exposure to a constant (non-pulsed) radiation. Pulsed radiation, in which the electric component changes from zero to full power almost instantaneously induces a much more powerful magnetic field that can fully penetrate the body (to induce a correspondingly large electric current) than the more slowly changing non-pulsed field.

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