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The sound delivery tube decreases the quantity of electric radiation that reaches the ear employing a unique earpiece system, which is attached to a tangle free twine. This ultra light protection will keep radiation away from the brain, and the external and internal areas of the ear. The anti-radiation air tube is a classy form of protection from the same kind of radiation that’s emitted from cell telephone towers and basic appliances used round the home every day. Folk use devices like mobile telephones, private digital aides ( PDAs ), private portable PCs, and desktop PCs every day at home and in the office. The airtube headset is a hands-free device that may keep folks safe from radiation during the day. It’ll deliver crystal clear sound thru an air-filled wireless tube and people don’t have to fret about the radiation levels that their head is exposed to steadily during the day. Regular headsets don’t possess the anti-radiation shield that an airtube headset provides.

Educated analysis shows that there’s a serious danger of radiation poisoning when folks use conveyable devices like a cell telephone and PCs. The anti-radiation airtube is but one of the choice solutions that are in use today to dam radiation from entering the body.

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