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RF3 Radiation Free Ear-bud Headset by iFit with 2.5mm Jack RF3 The RF3 Cellular Headset is the world’s first headset to be developed using AirCom™ Technology to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your head. This technology utilizes a state-of-the-art SPL enhanced sound chamber which delivers a crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube (similar to a doctor’s stethoscope). By replacing the wire with AirCom™ Technology, the RF3 Cellular Headset reduces the possibility of radiation from reaching your head.
Sleek and sophisticated in design, the RF3 Cellular Headset is the new standard by which all headsets are measured.


Custom Molded Lightweight Ear Piece

RF3 Lightweight AirCom Sound Delivery Tube

Easy-To-Use Sound Delivery Tube Shirt Clip

State-of-the-Art Sound Chamber with Enhanced SPL Technology — included a fully integrated microphone and high definition speaker for crystal clear hands-free communication
Tangle-Free Cord

Fully adjustable and rotate 360 degrees to fit either left or right ear.

4-way adjustable earpiece ergonomically designed for a true comfort fit.

2.5 mm Plug Fits Most Cellular and Cordless Phones

Sweden, Stockholm
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
Provo, Utah
Beaumont, Texas
Lithuania, Villinus
Downey, California
Coral Springs, Florida
Lithuania, Villinus
Newcastle, Australia

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