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One pupil has lost the sight of one eye because of a retinal blastoma [perhaps a radiation-induced osteogenic sarcoma? Ed]. Five others have had an operation to remove part of the thyroid and ganglial tumours in different parts of the body. A third pupil died earlier this year. The official cause of their sudden death was never found in spite of an official enquiry and an inquest.

Among the teaching staff there are several cases of breast cancer, leukaemia and degenerative diseases.

The phone mast was put up in the playground in 2001. Until not very long ago the children could get close to it, touch it and even climb up it! Recently a wall was built to shield it.

In 2002 the town council issued a decree prohibiting the installation of phone masts close to residential areas, but at the time they had no power to do so. With phone masts put up before this date it is difficult to get rid of them. The case is currently before the courts but it has cost eight years of battle and far too many deaths in the neighbourhood.

“In theory the courts are preparing to pass a judgement that will put a stop to phone masts that have more than 20 Hertzian repeaters,” declared Carida Magro. “The local council supports us and has itself brought two cases before the court in Lora and another in Seville. But there is still no answer from the town council. We brought up the problem with the delegate to the National Education Board, but it’s the same story, we’re still waiting for an answer.”

The residents here in Brenes are now desperate, and are even talking about taking further action such as camping indefinitely in front of the head offices of the Telefónica mobile phone network in Madrid.
“We cannot tolerate our children spending more than five hours a day, five days a week, being exposed to the radiation from this phone mast. It is not right.”

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