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There is extensive documentation in the literature of alterations of Ca2+ homeostasis.5 This is likely to be responsible at least in part for the profound effects that radiofrequency radiation has on the heart and neurological function. Ca2+ regulates gap junction opening. Gap junctions are key in many intercellular communications.

Exposure to radiofrequency radiation also interferes with the action of enzymes, signaling pathways, and makes the immune system simultaneously hyperactive and less effective.5,18 Immune impairment results in part from the disruptive effect of radiofrequency radiation on calcium ion homeostasis. In addition to radiofrequency radiation-induced immune impairment increasing risk of various types of infection, it is likely to increase the risk of getting cancer from the DNA breakages radiofrequency radiation is well-documented to induce. 5 While radiofrequency radiation is non-ionizing, the metabolic changes it can cause result in oxidative damage to DNA and subsequent breakage. Direct interactions between radiofrequency radiation and DNA can have similar results, as well as causing changes in gene transcription, through changes in electron flows induced by the radiation.19

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